Blake Shelton Sings With A 6-Year-Old Boy In Need Of Heart Transplant

Jordan Claes
Blake Shelton singing with young fan.
Facebook | Harley McKee

Blake Shelton is beloved not only for his incredible musical talents but also for his humor, candor, and all-around good-natured spirit as a coach on NBC's The Voice.

Now, it appears that fans have even more reasons to adore the country music legend after Blake performed a duet of "God's Country" with a young fan who's awaiting a heart transplant.

Over the past decade, Blake Shelton has become a household name.

Blake Shelton sitting on the porch.
instagram | @blakeshelton

Not only is he one of the most prominent figures in country music, but thanks to his tenure on The Voice, Blake has become a bonified celebrity unto himself.

During a recent concert performance in Durant, Oklahoma, Blake had a very special guest in attendance.

Wyatt McKee holding guitar.
Facebook | Harley McKee

Standing in the front row, staring up at the stage wide-eyed in wonder, was a 6-year-old little boy by the name of Wyatt McKee.

Blake caught sight of Wyatt and his mother after he noticed two signs that Wyatt was holding for him to read.

Blake Shelton and young fan on stage.
Facebook | Harley McKee

In true Blake Shelton fashion, he paused the performance and invited the young boy up on the stage. Wyatt's mother then passed Blake the paper signs, and he began to read them aloud.

"Your smallest, biggest fan from Lake Texoma, 6 years old waiting on a heart transplant," the first sign read.

Blake Shelton on stage with young fan.
Facebook | Harley McKee

The emotion of the moment was clearly visible upon Blake's face. "Think y'all are having a bad day? Put that in perspective right there, man," Blake announced to the crowd.

On the second sheet of paper, was an earnest request asking if Wyatt could sing "God's Country" alongside his musical hero.

Without missing a beat, Blake hoisted Wyatt up on the stage (with some help from his mother) and the band began to play.

Blake bent down on his knees and moved the microphone so that both he and Wyatt could sing together.

Blake Shelton singing with young fan.
Facebook | Harley McKee

At first, Wyatt appears too starstruck to move, as is plain to see in the cellphone footage captured by his mother.

But after a few moments of watching his favorite artist sing his favorite song, Wyatt begins to loosen up.

Blake Shelton singing with young fan.
Facebook | Harley McKee

By the middle of the song, Wyatt can be seen belting out the lyrics and getting into the groove of the performance.

Wyatt and Blake then share a heartwarming hug, before the boy begins to make his way back to his seat.

Blake Shelton hugging young fan on stage.
Facebook | Harley McKee

"Y'all give a big hand for my friend Wyatt!" Blake screamed out, over the raucous and excited cheers from the eager crowd.

After the show, Wyatt's mother, Harley McKee, saw fit to share the video on Facebook and across social media.

Rue from 'Euphoria' crying and saying "thank you."
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"I don’t know if Blake Shelton will ever see this," Harley's post began, "but I just want to let him know he is awesome and officially my favorite person."

Harley said that Blake made Wyatt's day, and she also made sure to thank all the fans who cheered him on.

Blake Shelton playing guitar and singing.
instagram | @blakeshelton

It didn't take long for footage of the performance to reach Blake, who responded to Harley's post with one of his own.

Clearly, it wasn't just a big night for Wyatt, but also for Blake and everyone else in attendance.

Blake's heartfelt gesture is what live music is all about: making connections and inspiring the next generation of musicians to come. In one fell swoop, Blake proved that one song can change the world and that this truly is "God's Country."