15 Messed Up Times Interviewers Tried To Embarrass Their Female Guests

Rae Batchelor
A bunch of photographers taking photos.
Unsplash | Michal Czyz

Being a celebrity is definitely tough. You have to deal with people invading your privacy pretty much all the time, whether it's paparazzi trying to get pictures of you, fans asking personal questions or trying to figure out where you are, or even sometimes interviewers attempting to get under your skin. This is especially true for famous women.

Here's a list of times interviewers attempted to embarrass the famous women they were interviewing.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen on Oprah.

The Olsen twins sit on a couch, looking uncomfortable.
youtube | The Oprah Winfrey Show

During an interview with Oprah (at the 18 minute mark), the Olsen twins were visibly uncomfortable with a line of questioning relating to their weight and rumored eating disorders. As one of the twins began to explain that they try not to read rumors about themselves, Oprah interrupts to ask, "What size are you, by the way?"

Anna Nicole Smith on Howard Stern.

Anna Nicole Smith looking upset at a question asked to her by Howard Stern.
youtube | Howard Stern

Stern brought up Anna Nicole Smith's weight during her appearance on his show (at the 21 minute mark) when he told her "The way you dress and stuff, I don't think you're aware that you're a heavyset woman," and then asked her to get on a scale and guess how much she weighed, despite her refusal.

Lindsay Lohan on David Letterman.

Lindsay Lohan looking away uncomfortably as David Letterman interviews her.
youtube | David Letterman

During a 2013 appearance on his show, David Letterman went off the pre-approved questions list with Lindsay Lohan, asking her how many times she had been in rehab ("Several.") and why she thought her upcoming trip would "be different."

Sofia Vergara on Ellen.

Sofia Vergara on an episode of Ellen.
youtube | The Ellen Show

While doing an interview on The Ellen Show, Ellen read off a list of hard-to-pronounce words for Sofia Vergara to repeat after her, laughing when she stumbled or made a mistake. While Sofia took it in good humor, it certainly hasn't aged well.

Anne Hathaway on Matt Laur.

Anne Hathaway rolling her eyes from a scene in The Devil Wears Prada.
Giphy | 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

In an uncomfortable interview with Matt Laur in 2012, Matt brought up a recent "upskirt" photo of Anne that had gone viral, joking that he had "seen a lot of you lately," and then asking "You had a wardrobe malfunction. What's the lesson learned from that?"

Anne got the last word in, though.

Anne Hathaway winking.

"It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad... that we live in an age that someone takes a picture of someone in a vulnerable moment (and) sells it. And I'm sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants," she said in response.

You tell him!

Baby Spice on Howard Stern.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Emma Bunton (best known as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls) was visibly uncomfortable by Howard asking her about when she lost her virginity and making jokes about the subject. "I really thought you weren't going to be this rude to me," she responded at one point.

Laverne Cox on Wendy Williams.

Laverne Cox shaking her head and saying "Stick to the script."
Giphy | Emmys

During an interview with Laverne Cox, Wendy repeatedly asked Laverne Cox about her transition and what surgical procedures she'd had done. "I’ve chosen not to talk about any of the stuff I’ve gotten done because I think so often when trans people’s experiences are talked about, they always far too often focus on surgery and transition so I don’t talk about that but I’m very happy with the situation," Laverne responded.

Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman.

David Letterman with a strand of Jennifer Aniston's hair in his mouth.
youtube | David Letterman

"Forgive me if this is rude," David Letterman told Jennifer Aniston during an interview, before leaning over and putting a strand of hair in his mouth and sucking on it while Jennifer sat there and laughed uncomfortably.

Scarlett Johansson on a press tour.

During a press tour for The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson was asked if she was able to wear any underwear underneath her Black Widow costume. "You're like the fifth person to ask me that today," she responded, before putting him in his place.

Mariah Carey on Howard Stern.

Stern asked Mariah "Are you wearing underwear tonight?" and commented that she loved "to show off her body," to which Mariah responded by saying "Howard, don't say that. You're making a mockery of me."

Mariah Carey on Ellen.

Mariah Carey looking uncomfortable.

In an infamous moment, Ellen once outed Mariah Carey as being pregnant during a 2008 interview. Ellen offered Mariah a toast to "not being pregnant," and then exclaimed that Mariah not taking a drink meant she was. Mariah later revealed that sometime after that interview, she suffered a miscarriage.

Catherine Zeta Jones on David Letterman.

Catherine Zeta Jones being pet by David Letterman.
youtube | David Letterman

During a 2007 interview, David Letterman reached over and pet Catherine Zeta Jones' hair, making the actress look visibly uncomfortable.

Jeremy Renner and J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez grinning with her eyes shut next to Jeremy Renner, who is pursing his lips.
youtube | Golden Globes

You have to be pretty sure of yourself to try to embarrass Jennifer Lopez, which apparently Jeremy Renner was at the 2015 Golden Globes. At 40 seconds in, when Jennifer says she "has the nails" to open the envelope containing the winners, Jeremy responds, "You have the globes too."

The nerve!