teen crying while dressed in Starbucks apron
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Mom Surprises Barista With News That Her Sister Is Cancer-Free In Touching Clip

Surprises aren't everybody's forté, but there are some that come as such welcome news that it's hard not to shed tears of joy when they're suddenly revealed.

And since it's not uncommon for people to want to share their good news with the world, we can often get a front-row seat to so many heartwarming moments. Sadly, many of these are bittersweet as the touching surprises in store for the unsuspecting stars of these videos are a way to help them find peace after losing someone close to them.

But sometimes, they simply come as moments of unalloyed joy and as we will soon see, that's especially true when the people featured in them had good reason to fear the worst.

On February 5, a Starbucks barista named Emily Mejia uploaded a TikTok that began with a simple order.

teen in starbucks apron casting sideways glance
TikTok | @emilylorraineee

But as we can see here, it was a suspicious one to her because the customer was her mother, who seemingly saw fit to record her just to order a latte.

And soon enough, her suspicions would be confirmed.

Because after she made her order, the mom casually broke the news that Mejia's 13-year-old sister Megan was cancer-free.

teen in Starbucks apron looking surprised
TikTok | @emilylorraineee

As Mejia explained to Good Morning America, Megan had acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is preparing to undergo a bone marrow transplant as a result of the disease's effects.

So she was understandably stunned to learn that her sister's cancer was gone and repeatedly asked "really?" and "are you serious?" when her mom surprised her with this news.

In her words, "Everyone is making fun of me because I said 'really' so many times. But I just couldn't believe it, I didn't know what else to say."

teen crying while dressed in Starbucks apron
TikTok | @emilylorraineee

And as it started to become clear that what her mom was saying is true, both of them started crying. The mom then revealed that Megan hadn't even received this news yet.

Mejia then pressed her mom to record Megan's reaction and said she'd be so excited, to which her mom replied that she might not care because she never treated her cancer as a big deal.

Indeed, Mejia has said that Megan handled her journey with the disease the best out of all of them and treated her situation with humor at every step of the way.

Still, she told Good Morning America that she could tell the process of treatment was weighing on her because it left the normally extroverted teen too drained to go out anymore.

As she put it, "Because she is such a social person, to see her just completely change was definitely the hardest part."

But while we can see that this video captured a cathartic moment after six months of hardship for the family, its ending also gave us a hint of where Megan got her sense of humor from.

h/t: Good Morning America