18 Lost Items That Turned Up In Unexpected Places

Kasia Mikolajczak
Key on the ground
Unsplash | Michael Dziedzic

Have you ever lost something and no matter where you looked, you couldn't find it? Oh my goodness, that's happened to me more than once, ha, ha. The last time it was a hat. I couldn't remember where I put it, and I kid you not, I was looking for it for a year. And guess what? In the end, I found it at the back of my closet in a bag with other hats.

So I know what it's like to lose something only to have it turn up in an unexpected place. That's exactly what happened to these folks here, and the results are pretty funny.

This Toy

Yoshi toy found in freezer
reddit | u/d8ms

"So I found my 9-year-old’s 'lost' Yoshi toy in my freezer."

Ah, kids will be kids, huh? They should consider yourself lucky that this wasn't their car keys, lol. What are they going to hide in the freezer next? That's what I would like to know.

This Wedding Ring

wedding ring inside a door mechanism
reddit | u/Ziggyjkr

"My 3-year old lost my wedding ring a good few months ago now and couldn't remember where she put it."

Speaking of kids and hiding spots, how would you feel if your child hid your wedding ring in a place like this? Oh, my gosh! That's both clever and mischievous.

This Change

change on the floor of a car
Imgur | adyjump

"While ripping the carpet out of our Miata, we found 18 years of lost change."

Whoa, this car is a money pit, haha. I wonder how much change this added up to, huh? What do you think? Do you want to give me an educated guess? I'm thinking about $60.

This Charging Port

picture of phone magnetic charging port and picture of it attached to keys
reddit | u/Jonnyyrage

"For the past week, I thought I lost my magnetic charging port for my phone. I gave up. Today I sat down for lunch and looked at my keys. Smh. Lol."

Okay, first of all, I had no idea what this magnetic port was, ha, ha. But now I get it. It's funny how it can just attach itself to anything magnetic, huh?

This Ring

two pictures of a ring
reddit | u/WoomyWoomyTTV

Check this story out: this person lost their ring at Roger's Park in Beaumont, TX, about two years back. And then they actually found it in the same park. Wow! Isn't that so cool or what?

This iPod

Oh man, I wish that was the case with my iPod. Sadly, mine was stolen and never recovered again. Dang, it! Why couldn't I have had this person's luck? That would have totally made my day. How about you?

This Motorcycle

burned motorcycle in a forrest
reddit | u/ShwiftyXJ

"One of my motorcycles got stolen a couple of years ago, I just found it in the forest after the fire came through."

Oh, shucks! I bet this person is so sad to see it in such a bad state. What are the odds of finding it at all, though? Am I right?

This Doggy Tribute

moss bush
reddit | u/amsterdaam

"My dog passed away two years ago. He hid his favorite toy before he went and I couldn't find it anywhere. Found it this morning and it has turned into a beautiful memorial. Big manly tears were shed."

Oh my gosh!

This Concert Ticket

Old concert ticket
Imgur | Imgur

"In 1986 my friend bought a ticket to see Prince live in Copenhagen, he lost it and couldn't go. 29 years later he finds the unused ticket in the back of a book."

Yikes! I would have been so upset if I wasn't able to see my favorite artist because I lost the concert ticket. That's why I never hide important things such as these in random objects, ha, ha.

This Earring

earring embedded in the back of a shoe sole
reddit | u/SA_Dude

"My mom lost a very special earring overseas while visiting relatives two months ago. We searched for days when it went missing. Today we found it."

Don't you love it when that happens? I don't know about you, but I feel like it's one of the best moments when you find something you have lost.

This Luggage

lost luggage
reddit | u/cleeder

"Six years ago, my ex lost her luggage at the cottage. It was found floating down the river this weekend by my mother. Bonus whiskey inside!"

Ha, ha, imagine that? I guess now they can celebrate by having a drink of that whiskey. I bet it's still pretty good.

These Skates

skates embedded into a tree
reddit | u/Dspot16

"My grandpa hung his skates on a small tree when he was younger. He forgot he had left them there and found them years later."

Well, what do you know? After all these years, the skates embedded themselves into the tree. That's so cool, right?

This Wedding Ring

wedding ring on a carrot
reddit | u/ebenonce

"82-year-old man just discovered his lost wedding ring in carrot from his own garden."

Is that right? I guess this guy is a fan of gardening. So you would think that when he lost his ring, he would have looked around that area but apparently not.

This Phone

phone lost in the snow and being recovered
Imgur | whosalec

"My buddy lost his iPhone in early February and just found it... frozen into our driveway... AND IT STILL WORKS."

Holy moly. That is one strong phone. It must be an iPhone, huh? I know mine can withstand some water, but I wouldn't have imagined it surviving that.

This Book

Can you imagine losing a book only to get the same exact one when you order a used one online? That's quite the coincidence. Am I right? I guess that's why you should put your name on the inside in case this ever happens.

This Passport

Are you telling me that this person hasn't used the scanner in a year? Ha, ha. Well, that's a long time. Seriously, that would have been the first place I would have looked. I mean, it's the last place they left it. Am I right? Total facepalm.

This Wallet

old wallet found while fishing
reddit | u/-F1ngo

"So my dad, a fisherman at lake "Attersee" Austria, just fished up his old, lost wallet in one of his fishnets, after he had dropped it into the lake 20 YEARS AGO."

Wow, that's quite the story, huh? What are the odds of that?

This Incredible Story

two people on the beach
Imgur | Imgur

"My friend lost his wedding ring in the ocean — and this woman FOUND IT!"

Whoa! Can you believe that? I'm always so paranoid about my engagement ring. A few times I thought I lost it and I got very upset. So if it slipped off into the ocean I would have been devastated. Thank goodness for this lady here.

Aren't these stories of lost and found objects so fascinating?

Johah Hill going crazy

I have to admit that I often get attached to things, so when I lose something, I get pretty sad about it. Most of the time, the object has sentimental value, and that's what upsets me about the loss the most. However, it's definitely a happy day when the item you thought you lost forever all of a sudden appears again. Don't you love that?