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Gigi Hadid Donates Fashion Week Earnings To Ukraine And Palestine

The war in the Ukraine continues to cause suffering and devastation for many, while the unrest and oppression in Palestine has pressed on for years. As many people struggle, others step up to do what they can to help. This includes supermodel Gigi Hadid, who decided to donate money from her Fall 2022 Fashion Week profit to help the Ukraine and Palestine. The money will go to organizations providing relief to those in need. While Hadid isn't the first model to do this, she's encouraging others to follow in her footsteps.

Hadid was inspired by fellow model Mica Argañaraz.

Hadid followed in Argañaraz's footsteps after the other model announced on Instagram that she planned on giving some of her Fashion Week pay to organizations aiding Ukraine. She recommended that others do the same, and it looks like her message resonated with other models, including Hadid and her sister, Bella.

Hadid is using her platform to help Ukraine.

For years, modeling and activism have intersected, and we think they're the perfect fit. Hadid felt weird about walking down the runway as if the horrors of the Ukraine war weren't unraveling at the same time. She decided to take to Instagram and post her pledge to support the Ukraine followed by the words, "Our eyes and hearts must be open to all human injustice. May we all see each other as brothers and sisters, beyond politics, beyond race, beyond religion. At the the end of the day, innocent lives pay for war- not leaders.

HANDS OFF UKRAINE. HANDS OFF PALESTINE. PEACE. PEACE. PEACE." The post received over 2-million likes.

She illustrates how fashion is political.

Her latest Instagram post has the same caption as her first one, which announced her pledge. However, she's wearing a different outfit, this time with her eyes concealed. This post also received over 2-million likes, with people showing their support with comments like, "Love u G" and "beautiful G." People are moved by how her posts aren't just about fashion, they're about how clothing can be used to educate, liberate and support important causes. When it comes to this move, we must say that we also love G, too.

Her support is ongoing.

While she was only recently inspired to donate money to help those in the Ukraine and Palestine, she doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Feeling the importance of her ability to influence others with her career, she's using her resources not only donate funds, but also encourage others to do the same.

Many models are walking the same walk.

Gigi Hadid's sister and fellow model, Bella Hadid, and model Kaia Gerber also stepped up after seeing Argañaraz's post. They donated portions of their Fashion Week bunds to support those in the Ukraine as well. They were also joined by models Vittoria Ceretti, Kiki Willems, Francesca Summers and Isla Peterson, who donated, too.

Models have been sharing info on the war in the Ukraine.

Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella not only donated funds, but have also been posting educational resources on the Russian invasion and trying to keep people aware of the devastating impact it's had, especially on Ukrainian civilians. Bella specifically calls out the brutality of corrupt governments, writing on Instagram, "Do not be desensitized to the videos. To what you are hearing about in Ukraine & Russia. Government systems are using their people as ammunition and targets as a power trip to other bigger government systems." She continues, emphasizing the importance of making donations.

Palestine is Hadid's ancestral home.

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With her roots going back to Palestine, Hadid has a personal connection to the violence going there. The issues in Palestine have been brewing for years and while attention had been on the Ukraine following recent decision from Russia to invade, Palestinians still need help. Hadid is choosing to support both new and old conflicts that have yet to be ended.

Hadid has been criticized for comparing the Ukraine to Palestine.

While they have many human rights violations between the too, the issues in the Ukraine and Palestine are uniquely different. Some people aren't pleased with how Hadid seems to be conflating the two. Activist and influencer Elizabeth Savetsky, posted an Instagram reel to go over all of the reasons that it's "appalling" for Hadid to compare the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the war in Ukraine. It's a tricky one, but always important to remember that different countries have their own unique geopolitical dynamics.

People are also calling out Vogue for supporting Hadid.

Actor Tracy-Ann Oberman called out both Vogue and Hadid for drawing "false equivalents" about two different situations. As someone of both Ukrainian and Jewish ancestry, Oberman feels that Hadid is actually making matters worse for those that are suffering. She points out that when it comes to autonomy, policy, government, and much more---there places can't be compared. Her Tweet received 374 likes, but with mixed reviews. I looks like this is truly a complicated conversation.

Hadid's goal is ultimately to help.

While we're not mind readers (thank goodness for that!), it seems like Hadid and other models want to help. They didn't have to share their funds or speak out against war, but they did. Hadid has also supported the Black Lives Matter movement and other causes based on equity and protecting those in need.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Hadid's approach to helping those in the Ukraine and Palestine.