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15 Really Dumb (But Funny) Ways People Got Injured

Have you ever tripped over your own two feet? Maybe you were walking and you just smacked yourself right into a wall? There are tons of ways that we accidentally injure ourselves. From silly to actually ridiculous, we can look back and laugh at it now. At the time, it may have left some broken bones and bruises—but, it always makes for a hilarious and great conversation with others!

That's got to hurt.

bart simpson bra
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Mighty_Fine_Shindig shared she was taking off of her bra after a long day and she totally lost her grip and got all mixed up. She ended up punching herself in the face instead of taking her bra off. Ouch, that sounds terribly painful!

Poor puppy!

Poor puppy and poor owner in this story over here folks. Apparently, this owner reached over and bend down to reach for her phone charger near her bed. At the same time, her puppy launched herself onto the bed, and before she knew it—black eye!

Brothers will do just about anything to bother their sisters.

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"When I was 7 my sister was using the treadmill in our basement and I was upset she wasn’t letting me have a turn so, being the genius that I was, I stuck my hand under the band and pretty much ripped a couple layers of skin off all my fingers. It did not stop the treadmill," shared whoismadi.

This poor guy.

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BLACKMACH1NE said he was playing online poker on his computer and his girlfriend was sleeping behind him when he tried to fart, realized that it was more than a fart, and wanted to run to the bathroom. He, however, had his headphones on still and the chord pulled him back. His whole computer tower fell, he broke his toe, and he pooped his pants.


All for a midnight snack.

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Kurtypants said that she was hungry at midnight and decided to slice an avocado, but ended up cutting her finger. She let it go, and it ended up getting infected. Then, the oral antibiotics didn't work, so they tried IV. That also didn't work. All in all, she says her "appetite" made her an amputee.

Let me know who packed the crab.

One Twitter user over here apparently has the most iconic and epic story of middle school. For a food fight, you truly picture spaghetti and maybe some mystery meat being thrown around a cafeteria in a school. However, in Maryland, someone brought crab to school.

Never acting again.

romeo and juliet
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"Asked to stage a scene from Romeo and Juliet for English class in 9th grade. Four 9th grade dudes chose a fight scene. Friends and I found a few rusty ancient fencing foils in a closet at our school. Took them home, used them in the scene.

I got stabbed in the eye during 'rehearsal,'" said gowronatemybaby7.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

One Twitter user said that she had swallowed a soda can tab and the doctor was trying to explain to the X-ray tech what they needed to look for when they did the x-rays. So, he got himself a soda, took off the tab, and taped it to her hospital gown. That's innovation at best.

Spiders are out to get us all.

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One woman slammed her head against a wall after a spider crawled out of her shirt.

Look, if you were to tell me that a spider was going to full-on crawl out of my shirt—I, too, would be concerned and probably flip out. Yes, I would probably slam my own head against the wall, too. I don't blame her!

That burns bad.


"I was 10 and curious about the cigarette lighter in our family's old van. Took it out and didn't know what it was and I discovered you could push the button and have it stick out. Then I touched it with my finger.


I burned the living hell out of my ring finger, cried for about 10 minutes," said JP1119.

Candle wax looks fun, but it's not.

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Superstoner10 shared that at 5-years-old, he was playing alone in the living room and saw a candle was lit. He decided it would be a fantastic idea to experiment with candle wax for the very first time—on his head. Yup, he dumped the entire burning candle wax right on top of his head.

I blame the uncle.

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"My uncle dared me to cross my arms while riding my bike, so my right hand grabbed the left handle and my left hand grabbed the right handle. My [expletive] thought, “easy” and then I fell and dislocated my elbow," shared JohnZoidbergMustDie.

Ah, to be fashionable.

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queenoreo said in high school, she was trying to squeeze and jump into a pair of tight jeans when she kicked the bathtub. Sounds painful, right? She broke three toes in the process. All to fit into a pair of jeans! What a disaster.

This poor child.

Kids have vivid imaginations, but this poor kid took his too far. He ran into a tree while he was "playing imaginary basketball" with his dog, who, at the time, he said was supposed to be Michael Jordan. Poor little one!

Some stories are too funny to believe.

gaming chair
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"When I was 15 I knocked myself out. I had this cool rocking gaming chair. One day I went in my room to grab a controller. It was on the floor next to the gaming chair. Bent over to pick it up, stepped on the edge of the chair and Whack! The other side swung up and ko'ed me. School called CPS on account of my black eye and had to explain the story to 100 different people," shared InvestInDetroit.