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I'm Cackling Over A Grandma Who Ranks Her Grandchildren

All families have their own history and dynamic that not many people get or understand. For some families, it's the matriarch and patriarch that are still alive that sets the tone for how things are done. This can be grandparents or great-grandparents even. But, what they say totally goes. No one wants to go toe-to-toe with the people who created your entire family and legacy, right?

We all know that grandparents tend to have their favorites.

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In families with a lot of children and grandchildren, there are always arguments and fights over "who is the favorite." Whether it's with your parents or your grandparents, people are always curious who is at the top of the list.

There are tons of reasons why "favorites" are favorites.

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For example, if you ask my grandmother why her favorite granddaughter is who she is, it's the one who called her that week and checked in. Or, the one who brought her over a bottle of wine when it was snowing out and she couldn't get to the store.

For other grandparents, they have other reasons.

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Grandparents want their kids to grow up and be extremely successful so that they can have a lifelong legacy of doctors, lawyers, and other prestigious professions. So, they often tend to favor the ones they see as "more successful" and even more accomplished.

However, we still have to ask who lands where.

Grandma Ranking Board
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Unless, of course, you are part of Dan LaMorte's family. The TikTok user and comedian recently shared a video showcasing that his grandmother has a ranking system of all 10 of her grandchildren that is constantly changing.

How do they know? Well, simple.

Grandma Ranking Board
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Dan shared that her grandmother has the board up at her house presented. Each grandchild has a magnet with their face on it, so she can change the ranking whenever she decides to or pleases. And, the ranking is always changing, according to Dan.

Some of the rankings are a bit biased.

Grandma Ranking Board
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Dan said that the grandchild who is ranked number one is a bit biased because she lives next door and she "can come over and move her magnet up whenever she wants." Which, of course, she would do. Who doesn't want to be the favorite grandchild on grandma's ranking board?

The two for numbers two and three are successful.

Dan also shared that the grandchildren ranked at number two and number three are both doctors, so extremely successful in his grandmother's eyes. One of them is actually a dentist, so that's some big paychecks and, who doesn't want to call their grandson, "Doctor"?

The rest of them, well, they change up.

Grandma Ranking Board
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The rest of the grandchildren constantly change up and down. In one video, Dan shared he was ranked all the way down at number 8, which can't be a great feeling for the comedian. However, in another video posted later, he moved up to number 6, which is a nice little jump.

People online were living for this.

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People online couldn't believe the savagery from this grandmother to have the guts to rank all of her grandkids. And, she blatantly puts them down a few pegs when they mess up in her eyes. Some TikTok users said this grandma is giving "serious MySpace throwback vibes." Remember putting people on our "Top 8" friends list?

Others were dying to know what grandchild #10 did.

spill the tea
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Many commenters were on the edge of their seat, wondering what the granddaughter who is sitting pretty at number 10 had to do to get all the way down there. Dan, however, said he "didn't want to air" family drama on TikTok.

And, one TikTok user said this looked familiar!

big family
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While many found it funny and almost shocking, there was one TikTok user that was surprised that someone else's grandmother does this. She said that she is one of thirteen grandchildren, and they all joke around how their own grandmother ranks them from least to most favorite.