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TikToker Explains Why Dyeing Her Service Dog's Tail Is About More Than Aesthetics

If you've ever seen a dog with dyed fur, you'll probably have a lot of questions. For starters, why would somebody do that? The practice is polarizing, but there could be a pretty good reason, especially when it comes to service dogs.

In a TikTok, a woman shares the reasoning behind her dog's rainbow tail.

The TikTok account @rosie.the.sd follows Claire and her service dog, Rosie. This smart and well-trained dog is pretty recognizable, thanks to her rainbow tail.

Understandably, people have questions.

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In one TikTok Grace uploaded to the account, she explains that she dyes her dog's tail rainbow colors as a theft deterrent.

She explains that service dogs are especially targeted for dog theft.

Because of how well-trained they usually are.

Grace also explains that while Rosie is microchipped, that doesn't always help when trying to find a stolen dog.

Someone has to think a dog might be missing or stolen and then find access to a microchip reader before the dog can be reunited with his owner.

But a recognizable feature makes them stand out.

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It's a lot more effective to describe her dog as "the golden with the rainbow tail" rather than just "the golden," she explains.

And don't worry, it's perfectly safe.

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In the TikTok, Grace shows the process of dyeing Rosie's tail, and shows how Rosie doesn't mind or get stressed about it. She also uses dog-safe dye, which is the only thing you should be using when dyeing your dog's fur.

As for why rainbow colors? Grace just likes it.

You have to admit, it looks pretty cute.

Rosie's rainbow tail is just as adorable as she is! And the fact that it can help keep her safe is great too.

The TikTok received a lot of attention.

With over 2.7 million likes and thousands of replies, it's safe to say that people are really digging this dog's rainbow tail.

There was a lot to be said about why this kind of thing has to be done.

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"It’s sad to think about pets being stolen. Especially when it comes to service dogs. It would be like stealing someone’s medical equipment," @caprisprazzle commented.

Some people don't realize how much owners need their service dogs. Losing one would be losing your best friend and helper.

But in the end, it's a brilliant idea.

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@etherius01 wrote, "I had no idea! I was wondering why I've seen a lot of service dogs with dyed fur."

"I love this so much. Rosie is adorable and your reasoning is genius," @ammizi112 said.

I, for one, am pretty thankful for this bit of advice.

h/t: Newsweek