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Man Forgets To Change Address For Food Delivery And Sparks An Emotional Exchange With Driver

There are certain daily interactions that we have that are easy to take for granted. One of these is definitely with our food delivery drivers when it comes to food ordered off apps. For many of us, the drivers are names on an app, and often times we don't even see them before they drop the food off at our door and continue on their way.

One man showed just how much of an impact that relationship can have on our lives in a recent post on Facebook.

Sha Davis shared on Facebook an interaction he had with a food delivery driver.

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Sha shared the text messages between him and a driver delivering food for Chipotle. Sha wrote that he recently moved away but had forgotten to change his address in the app until it was too late. "I was deadass mad at first, but after reading this I'm happy this happened," he wrote.

"I'm here with your order," the first text from the driver read.

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"Take it with you bro and enjoy the lunch," Sha had responded. "I forgot to change my address and I currently in Maryland."

"Umm... okay thanks," came the initial response from the driver, but another response soon followed.

"I wanted to thank you again," the driver wrote.

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"It's my brother's birthday today and he is laid to rest not far from where you had me take this delivery," the driver shared in his text. "I'm having lunch with him today because of you. You have no idea how much that means to me. I truly appreciate it."

The response to this powerful exchange showing how much of an impact humans can have on each other was incredible.

"Dude that’s simply amazing," one commenter wrote.

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Facebook | Sha Davis

"Just proves that you never know what someone is dealing with and how a kind gesture may impact their life."

"This is such a wonderful thing you did and such an example that even the simplest of acts of kindness have a great impact. Thank you so much," wrote another.

What an incredible story!