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Suzanne Somers Shares How Much Her Thighmaster Empire Has Made Her

Suzanne Somers is undeniably the queen of looking amazing at any age. Her commitment to health and wellness is almost as iconic as her role as Chrissy, the blonde bombshell in the beloved '70s sitcom, Three's Company.

While her role in Three's Company landed her global recognition, her career as a fitness and wellness advocate is where she made her fortune, and it's a big fortune at that.

Of course, Suzanne Somers is best known for playing the loveable blonde bombshell on "Three's Company" however, I'd argue her Thighmaster empire is even more iconic.

Suzanne first became a spokesperson for the iconic exercise tool in the early '90s and has been synonymous with it ever since.

BUT, have you ever wondered how much Suzanne has actually made off of this piece of ingenious workout equipment?

suzanne somers
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Well, I have the answer, and I literally guarantee it's way more than you could have ever imagined.

While speaking on the "Hollywood Raw" the 75-year-old explained: "Well, it’s $19.95 x 10 million. So you kind of do the math, and we’re probably at 15 million now."

Suzanne Somers in the '90s
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Podcast host Dax Holt responded: "I just did it. It’s a lot of zeros. It’s $299,250,000."

SORRY, WHAT? You have GOT to be kidding me!

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"We had partners, 50/50, and they got drunk on money when all started selling and they overspent to the point where they could no longer afford to be in their side of the business," Suzanne explained, as per DailyMail.

"So we bought them out and we have 100 percent."

I am truly in shock about just how rich Suzanne is, but hey — good for her! She's helped so many of us feel great in our skin, so you know what?

Way to go, Suzanne!