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'The Real' Host Jeannie Mai Says Breastfeeding Has Been Harder Than Giving Birth

Being a new mom means sometimes feeling like a full-time milk carton. While it's totally a blessing to be able to breastfeed, it can feel super overwhelming and all-consuming at times.

Now, The Real host Jeannie Mai is opening up about her emotional experience as a new mom and battling the ups and downs of breastfeeding in a candid new Instagram post.

Look, I'm not a big of talk shows. I find most of them to be kind of silly and pointless, HOWEVER — this mentality does not apply to "The Real."

jeanie mai
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The Real is the one show that has my full attention every time it's on. I'm deeply invested in these women's lives, and I love following them on social media.

OG "The Real" host Jeannie Mai has always been candid with viewers and now, she's translating that honesty to motherhood.

If you don't know, Jeannie and her hubby Jeezy welcomed their first child together in January, Monaco Mai-Jenkins.

Since Monaco's birth, Jeannie has been keeping it real with fans on her social media.

In a new, emotional post, the 43-year-old admitted she has been struggling with her breastfeeding journey.

Sharing photos of herself pumping, the TV host wrote: "Hands down, it’s been the most difficult part of this entire mom journey. I already HEARD it was gonna be, but I never imagined this. For me, it’s was even more difficult than giving birth."

"The day I gave birth, the nurse put Monaco to my breast and I got emotional about the colostrum that my breast naturally produced. I couldn’t believe nature took place so fast! I fell in love at first latch," she recalled.

"I’ve never felt anything like that bond before, looking down at my body providing for this sweet face. I became obsessed."

However, since that special moment, the breastfeeding experience has taken a toll on her body despite trying every natural remedy in the book for the past two months.

"I STILL don’t make enough milk to feed my baby. I had to catch myself because it actually got to my mental, and things started to feel dark," she explained. "Comparing myself to other moms, frustrated from the ups and down of pumping an ounce one day, nothing the next..and this is ON TOP of all the anxiety this journey can bring."

She concluded her post by saying she wasn't asking for sympathy but was just wanting to let other moms out there know they're not alone.

"I have more respect for moms than ever in my life. And I have to remember me included. Hugs to every mom out there.."

Hugs to you too, Jeannie!