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People Are Actually Arguing Over A Funny Joke Mom Played On Her Kid

Moms of young kids are constantly stressed out. Listen, being a mom is a lot of work. We are up all day and working our butts off to make sure our household is taken care of, clean, organized, and in order.

Then, there is the part where we actually have to raise and take care of humans. And, on top of that, we have to take care of ourselves, too. A lot of things go into being a mom.

It's no secret that our kids piss us off.

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From day to day things and bothering us non-stop, our kids get on our nerves. There's no day that goes by where we do not get frustrated at least once or twice. And, sometimes, we want to just tell our kids "you piss me off," but we don't always want to insult them or hurt their feelings.

So, why not spell it out for them?

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For younger kids who really can't read, there are funny ways to get our anger and frustration out—like, by using alphabet letter potatoes and spelling out that your child truly pisses you off. One TikTok mom proved that it would be hilarious to do so.

TikTok user and mom Emma put the funny prank on her TikTok page.

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TikTok user and mom Emma shared the video, which has been viewed over 31 million times. In the video, she is serving her toddler daughter some lunch and the potatoes are actually alphabet potatoes, so she can spell out whatever she wants.

So, she decided to be honest.

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Honesty is the best policy, right? In those adorable and delicious alphabet potatoes, she simply spelled out, "U Piss Me Off." Clearly, this is what every mom wants to tell their kid, but we don't always have the courage to do so.

Her daughter seemed truly unbothered.

funny mom prank
Tiktok | emma_moonbeam

Clearly, the daughter doesn't know how to read, which is the only reason she did this prank and the only way that it worked. And, her daughter seemed extremely happy and carefree in the video posted online.

Many mothers online found it hilarious.

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"This is soo [expletive] funny!! Thanks for having a sense of humor. We love our kids even when they drive us crazy," shared Destiny.

"If you don’t think kids can be [expletives] then you’re not an active parent by far," added Athena Valentine.

However, there were those online who did not find it funny at all.

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"She was filled with love for you and you write that. Not the nicest thing seriously," said user8310254083175.

"that's...kinda mean. just because she can't read doesn't mean anything. the adult, her mom still put that in her plate," said another.

Emma began to clap back at a lot of parents who commented with hate.

In one video, Emma showed that the alphabet potatoes won't be the ones who teach her daughter some bad habits, and shared a video of her daughter saying something she learned from a TV show.

Others asked how she could even humiliate her daughter.

Clearly, Emma is an unbothered mother who wanted to play a harmless prank on her daughter, and just wanted to show other moms who feel the same way as her. She doesn't feel it's "humiliating" her daughter in any way and she feels just fine with her decision.

Many said that her daughter might read it.

However, Emma also shared a video to showcase her daughter is far from being able to read, and also said her hide and seak skills are a firm example of just how bad she is and also clueless.

And, her daughter had a message for all the haters.

With all of the hate that Emma was getting on her videos, her daughter had a comment for all of them.

"Don't be a Karen!"

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