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Man Ditches His Wife In Economy And Upgrades To Business-Class

Many couples like to travel together. As part of their relationship, traveling is something that they bond over and enjoy. And, many times they book tickets and excursions together.

However, sometimes, traveling can lead to some issues and some problems for couples, too. There can be some arguments and fights that arise due to some differences in wants and opinions, even when it comes to the airplane.

Recently, one husband wrote into Reddit about a trip he and his wife were planning to take.

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The two, who live in Japan, were planning a trip together to visit the United States. The couple planned the trip together and booked their flights together, as well. They had originally thought they would sit next to each other on the plane, but that wasn't the case.

The reason for this is that the husband had an opportunity for an upgrade.

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The husband apparently travels frequently for work because he had enough miles to upgrade from economy class to business class for his ticket. And, he thought it would not be too big of a deal if he upgraded his ticket.

His wife, however, would still be sitting in the economy section.

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His wife was extremely angry when he told her that he would be sitting in a different area of the plane and that they would not be sitting together. The flight is 12-hours, according to the husband, however, it's overnight so he said he figured they would "be sleeping the whole time anyway."

Still, his wife was upset.

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She insisted that she wanted him to switch his seat back to economy so they can sit next to each other on their flight to the U.S., but the husband said "hell no," because he wanted an opportunity to sit in business class, which is pretty fancy.

He even joked around saying she was "just jealous."

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Jokingly or not, her husband still rubbed it in her face by teasing her saying that she was "just jealous" that he was going to sit in business class and she wasn't. The miles were in his name, and apparently, the airline wouldn't let him use them for tickets for anyone else.

The husband asked Reddit if he was wrong for wanting to experience business class.

Most people thought he was 100% in the wrong.

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Many Reddit users said he's wrong on one count for ditching his wife, but also was wrong for mocking her and rubbing it in her face, as well. If it was "just a seat" he wouldn't be so "excited" about the switch.

Others said they would be "extraordinarily upset."

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"I would be extraordinarily upset. 'I'll go enjoy my flight from this amazing seat, good luck back there cramped with strangers, lol! I'll let you know how my drinks and full lounging chair are!' For a TWELVE HOUR cross-continental flight," shared shelballama.

Another user said the flight is "not just a 12-hour flight."

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"I have flown back and forth from the US to Asia multiple times. It's miserable flying alone in economy on a flight that lasts over 10 hours. It would be a little more bearable to have your significant other next to you. Instead, you selfishly decided to upgrade yourself and not her," shared figuringthingsout__.

Some say it "sends a message."

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"Business class comes with more space, better service, and a quieter atmosphere. You're sending a message to your wife that you deserve all that but she doesn't. Why didn't you upgrade both seats so you could both have the better experience," one person asked.

And, some said it was more of his priorities than the flight seats.

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"I actually don't disagree with the idea that sitting next to each other on a plane isn't exactly quality time. To me the issue is much more that he prioritized his comfort over his wifes comfort.

Also I wouldn't feel comfortable (beyond what a [expletive] I'd be being) for my wife's safety with us in two different classes, especially during a public health emergency," said Reddit user Mountain_Income_7315.

In the end, the husband said he understands his actions were wrong.

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After reading everyone's comments, the husband said that he "sees how he can be wrong" in the situation. He offered to switch seats with her and allow her the business class seat, but instead upgraded his wife's seat to sit next to him in business class, together.

Good idea, guy.

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