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15 Funny Mom Tweets We All Need To Read

Moms have a really hard job. From sunrise to sunset, they have to be "on" and totally at 100%, even if we are truly operating at about 5%.

Our kids are constantly following us around, bothering us, and pestering us when we are in the bathroom. Overall, we need a break from time to time. But, we don't always get it. So, instead, we share our woes with strangers online.

Not a bad question to ask.

As most of our children have lived through Covid-19, many of them have some curiosities about the illness and the pandemic.

Like, were we all forced to stay inside for the first 18 pandemics that went on and locked us down for months on end.

Extra tip for them.

Kids sometimes mix up words, we know it to be true. When they begin to learn words and phrases, their language gets pretty mixed up.

But, there's nothing like the moment our kids mess up a word and replace it with a totally inappropriate one.

He's done for.

Clearly, this kid is watching too much TV—or, maybe her husband has set a bad example for him.

Whatever the case may be, this son is about to lose dessert for an entire month. Or, say goodbye to his iPad. He must have some nerve going this far.

Kids take everything literally.

Beware with the little ones, they take everything we say so literally. And, when they don't know things, it can be totally misconstrued.

Like, this little one who thought her mother ate her because she was in her belly.


They say that the dogs are the ones who always eat their homework, but in reality, it could be your sister.

So, be careful when you leave your homework around everyone, it's not safe around your kids.

This math does not compute.

Math is math—if you have five people who live at your home and they all have shoes, you can believe that they do not know how to put their shoes away in their own room.

So, maybe there are a few shoes here and there, but 738 shoes just does not add up.

Lesson learned.

Make sure you are only giving your kids enough screen time to keep them off of your back during your favorite TV shows. And, when you need to poop. And, when you need to shower. And, all the other hours of the day.

Kids and their imaginary friends.

Kids having imaginary friends is pretty normal, but these kids seem to be stepping it up a whole lot.

She was crying about her imaginary dog that they could not find or locate. So, maybe they will replace it with a real dog.

Never leave your phone with the kids!

Kids will lock your phone, change the password, change the language, and delete all of the apps you so badly need. Beware!

Never leave your phone unattended by the kids, they will ruin your day!

Ah, remote learning.

Remote learning was weird for all of us, like, the fact that teachers were disciplining our kids while they were in our own home.

Sometimes, we get to see the ins and outs of the classroom. But, we can't control when they bag on our kids.

Privacy at its best.

Why is it that kids want to do this when we are on the toilet? Our kids feel like they have to bother us when we are on the bowl and trying to do what we need to do.

Privacy does not mean the same thing to our kids as it does to us, clearly.

This kid is going places.

Word to the wise: when you want something from mom, tell her she is your queen.

That is a fact. Mom likes to know that you know she is the head of the house, ruler of all. Let her know, you'll get that brownie you so badly want.

Send it via Venmo.

For all of you who are currently looking to have a gender reveal party—just know, I lost my shot.

So, I am making up for it by letting you all know, like this mom, that I have a daughter. You can Venmo me my long-lost gift.

Let them smell their farts!

As any mom would do, get the bad smell out.

However, it seems that this was not the best option for this mom. Instead, her daughter was upset she didn't get a chance to smell the fart.

Reflection is key.

At least her daughter knows that the mom is not the type to "whoop them," but knows that there is a time and a place to give a whooping.

Maybe her brother is at that point in time. But, the daughter is sneaky, sneaky for this one!

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