People Are Using Ukrainian Airbnb Listings To Donate Money To Citizens

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A Ukrainian flag.
Unsplash | Max Kukurudziak

In the midst of all these high tensions surrounding Ukraine and miles upon miles of misinformation available online, it makes sense that you might want to do your part, but might be a little worried about where the right place to do so is.

Thanks to some creative donation givers, there's now a quick, easy, and safe way to donate to those in immediate need.

People outside Ukraine have thought of a creative way to donate directly to locals amidst this crisis.

A Ukrainian flag.
Unsplash | Max Kukurudziak

Rather than donating to an organization that will spend said money however it chooses, the internet found a way to make sure the people being forced to flee or fight are receiving money directly.

They're doing so by booking Airbnbs in Ukraine, while, of course, having no intention of actually staying.

Tweets and other social media posts have begun popping up showing people booking Airbnbs in Kiev and other attacked cities, then messaging the owner and informing them that this booking was just a donation.

The best part? Airbnb has picked up on this and is doing its part to help.

In an email to Mashable, the company confirmed that they're waiving guest and host fees on Ukrainian bookings right now, meaning the property owner gets even more money. They're also providing free housing for 'up to' 100,000 refugees fleeing the country.

"We appreciate the generosity of our community during this moment of crisis," read the statement.

This initiative spearheaded by generous people online is helping deposit money directly into the pockets of Ukrainians.

It's doing so quickly, too. Not to mention it's helping those far from the situation identify safe places to spend their money, lest they fall for any scammers looking to take advantage of the unrest.

h/t: Mashable

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