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Husband Defends Wife From Rude Mastectomy Joke, But Gets Told He's The Rude One

Meeting your siblings' new significant others for the first time can be an awkward experience at the best of times. But what happens when that person ends up being the worst?

One person found this out the hard way.

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Reddit user ShutupHank766 posted the story of the time he and his wife met his sister's boyfriend for the first time, and things did not go well for any of them.

He asks if he was in the wrong for being rude to the boyfriend after the other guy made a joke about [OP's] wife's mastectomy.

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"My sister (26) brought her new boyfriend (30) over to our parents house to meet him for the first time, My wife and I came as well."

Pretty standard "meet the family" sort of situation.

"We met the dude, he seemed ok-ish at first but he then started asking weird and personal questions."

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"My wife had a breast cancer and got a single mastectomy last year. She told the story to my sister's boyfriend and he was like, 'oh' then he stared at my wife briefly then 'playfully' said, 'without even asking, I can pretty much tell which one got the blow.'"

That's... so inappropriate for so many different reasons.

"We were floored, My wife could barely keep a straight face. She lied so she could leave the table cause she was literally about to tear up."

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"I just looked at the dude and said, 'Are you serious?' he said, 'What??!! I was just joking bro.' I started asking him to explain the joke to me, He just stared."

To be honest, I feel so bad for the wife. But good for OP for defending her. When someone tries to call something they said "just a joke," asking them to explain why the joke would be funny is a pro move.

"My sister asked me to stop because clearly he got uncomfortable, but I insisted he explain the joke to me cause clearly....my wife and I didn't get it."

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The boyfriend then eventually gets up from the table, and ends up leaving the house altogether.

"My sister had a meltdown screaming and berating me for how I treated her boyfriend. Calling me hostile with anger issues to scare her boyfriend out of our parents' house."

"I told her he was overstepping and made my wife uncomfortable to the point of crying."

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"She actually called me wife 'such a princess' and said she is soft and can not take some teasing."

There are literally no words to describe how rude the sister is being. Maybe she and the boyfriend are meant for each other.

"My dad called me later and said that he understood how hurt my wife felt but my sister's boyfriend was visiting for the first time and I showed hostility and aggression instead of just ignoring him."

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"He encouraged me to reach out to him and my sister later and talk it out but I declined."

After asking if he was being an asshole in this situation, he then talks about how his sister thought his wife was faking her diagnosis at first, but then later apologized about that. Like...WTF, sis?

I think this one is pretty cut and dry.

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I don't care how much I like a person, if they insult my family (and yes, a sister-in-law is family), then I'd be showing them the door. But it looks like the sister and her boyfriend are made for each other.

The comment section agreed that OP is not the asshole here.

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"Congratulations, you handled the situation perfectly," Reddit user GreekAmericanDom said. "You simply asked the asshole to explain himself. He couldn't. You doubled down. He chose to not apologize which could have diffused the whole situation."

The comments also talked about how the boyfriend did pretty much everything wrong, too.

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Redditor xxSunflowergrlxx said. "NTA, the fact he didn't immediately apologize, but instead snuck off and DROVE AWAY, is extremely telling of his character."

People were pretty mad with the sister, too.

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Reddit user exul_noctis said, "WTF is wrong with your sister that she wasn't immediately horrified, too? If my new bf said that to anyone in front of me, he sure wouldn't be my bf for long."

Yeah, I don't see how anyone could see OP's story any other way.