Someone filling their car with gas.
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20 People Share The Wild Things Their Friends Did Or Believed

A Tweet went viral recently, describing an absolutely deranged thing someone saw one of their roommates do, and it was a sentiment that many people seemed to sympathize with, as soon the replies were filled with other examples of people thinking things that have the rest of us shaking our heads.

So, here it is, a list of near-concerning things people's friends did or believed.

The Tweet that started it all.

A microwave on a kitchen counter.
Unsplash | Vlad Zaytsev

"[I] had a friend who put a frozen burrito in the microwave and when it didn’t heat up she threw the burrito away and tried heating up a different one."

So simple, so blissfully naive, but also so unbelievably silly.

It's just a title.

Ice cubes.
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

"I had a friend with a PhD in medical physics who thought that ice cubes would freeze faster if you made them from hot water."

I'm going to choose to believe this stems from the 'throw boiling water outside when it's cold and it'll become snow' thing.

Hot, hot, hot.

A stove with the burners running.
Unsplash | Mykola Makhlai

"I saw my girlfriend's roommate try to boil water for 15 minutes on low. She said she didn’t like using high heat because the coil turned red."

Someone had a similar story, replying, "My ex (love him) put the burner on medium to boil water because he believed it is bad to boil water too fast."

It's in his nature.

A mirror on a bedroom wall.
Unsplash | Minh Pham

"My brother once stared in a mirror for five minutes because he couldn’t figure out why his hair parted on different sides in the real world and in the mirror. Same brother, in his 20s, called 911 when his power went out."

Cold, hard cash.

A pile of coins.
Unsplash | Sarbasri Bhaumik

"I knew a girl who hated getting coins as change so she would just throw them away. In the trash can."

This one might hurt the most out of this whole list. Sure, some people are just being wasteful, but this person is throwing away literal money.

One after the other.

Stacks of colorful dishes.
Unsplash | Mick Haupt

"I had a roommate that didn’t like to wash dishes so she would throw them away after using them and then her parents would buy her a whole new set."

I wish to one day have so much money that, if I wanted to, I could live this frivolously. I wouldn't, but I could.

Squeaky clean!

A toilet with the lid open.
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

"My roommate in college used to wash her feet by putting them one at a time into the toilet and flushing. No soap, just a flush."

The way I gasped at this. No way, no way does someone think this is acceptable.

Chance encounters.

Someone gathering vegetables to cook.
Unsplash | Max Delsid

"A coworker had a man break into her apartment. She gave him a tour and was like I’m cooking now if you’re hungry. She makes food with whatever she has. Cottage cheese instead of ricotta. He spent 3 hours teaching her how to cook the right way, I’d have been dead."

Surprise attack.

An ice bucket full of bottles of kombucha.
Unsplash | Tyler Nix

"Once I watched a woman on the train platform across from me open a Kombucha and it fizzed like crazy and she just threw the whole thing in a trash can. I thought what a waste of $5!"

Printing money.

Stacks of money.
Unsplash | Mufid Majnun

"[When I] was ~10 mum took me to the bank to set up my first bank account. [They] offered to set up online banking. [She] declined because she didn't want me to be able to withdraw cash at home."

Improper technique.

A girl with straight-cut bangs.
Unsplash | Morgan Lane

"I had a friend who cut her bangs crooked so she just cut them to the scalp and pulled forward the next row of hair to make new bangs."

Hairdressers must hate her, and not in the life-hack type way, they must just genuinely hate her.

Naturally breaded.

Breaded shrimp.
Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

"[Had] a co-worker that never ate raw shrimp. [He] thought they came breaded from the ocean. The whole shop 12 men [were] crying laughing. Breaded from the ocean."

That'd be some real soggy breading if this were true!

Try, try again.

People cheers-ing with red solo cups.
Unsplash | Michael Fousert

"[Have] a friend who heated up beans in a red solo cup. When that plan failed miserably after the plastic melting instead of using the bowl I gave her [...] she used two solo cups to heat up more beans [...] After that plan didn’t work a few times she just scooped and ate the melted beans."

Maybe this time!

The top of a bottle of coke.
Unsplash | Taras Chernus

"Told to me by a friend. His [coworker's son] had a bottle of Coke that had prizes under the cap. He watched as his son twisted off the cap and looked at it. It said 'Sorry. Try again'. So the boy put the cap back on, took it off and looked again."

A little dry.

A package of cup noodles on a shelf.
Unsplash | charlesdeluvio

"People kept setting our microwave on fire because they didn’t know you have to add water to ramen. This happened at least 3 times and I had to put a note on the microwave."

For this to happen once is tragic enough, but three times? Where are we headed as a society?

No wasting involved.

Someone filling their car with gas.
Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"I had a co-worker who would not put gas in her car till it was [EMPTY], because she didn’t want to 'waste' the gas that was already in the tank. Multiple people had to explain to her that the gas already in her tank didn’t get wasted. It was simply added to. Simple and wasted."

Shifting into gear.

A narrow alleyway.
Unsplash | Robin Wersich

"A girl I knew was driving through an alley and as she got closer to some trash cans where her path narrowed she stopped and put it in N [...] said she switched to NARROW. [Like,] she really thought the car would somehow become narrow to squeeze through."

Connected to nature.

A wild rabbit looking at the camera.
Unsplash | Gary Bendig

"Reminds me of a girl I knew who said, during bunny season here, that she has a special mental connection with bunnies because they always all look at her when she walks by."

Side note, I really want to live somewhere that has a dedicated bunny season.


A shower in a bathroom.
Unsplash | Andrea Davis

"I had roommates that didn't know you had to clean bathtubs. We had separate bathrooms and they asked very suspiciously why mine didn't have mildew as if I was magically smuggling my mildew into their bathtub."

Simple instructions.

A bunch of hard boiled eggs.
Unsplash | Mustafa Bashari

"In grade 9 my friend and I thought we could hard boil eggs just by microwaving them. Super cool life tip: you can’t. You can however blow up raw eggs in said microwave."

When the word 'boil' is in the name of the food, maybe consider that's the only way to make said food.

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