People Discover Hidden Camera In Airbnb Bathroom And Police Get Involved

Ashley Hunte
Yellow police tape along an unknown enclosure.
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Privacy is important no matter where you go. But the problem is, some people will do everything they can to make sure you don't get to have a save, private experience in a hotel or public place.

Or in an Airbnb, it seems.

TikTok user Brittany Walsh posted a video showing a hidden camera found in her Airbnb bathroom, disguised as a charger.

She got the police involved.

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In the TikTok, Walsh shows the device, as well as shots of the Airbnb she stayed at with her friends. As the video shows police in the lodgings, text over it reads, "someone's boutta catch a felony for invasive visual recording in our Airbnb bathroom."

The whole thing is so chilling.

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That shouldn't have been in there in the first place. Whoever put it there definitely deserves whatever punishment they get. Apparently, they had all showered before discovering the camera. Eep!

The comments under the TikTok agreed that this is pretty scary.

A woman saying "that's disgusting."
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Some even offered advice on how to catch whoever put the camera there.

"Put the micro SD card in a computer. The first video should be the person who originally plugged it in," wrote JenTX9.

Others became suspicious of staying at Airbnbs in general.

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CissyBird commented, "This is why you don’t stay in an Airbnb and pick a hotel."

Brittany recently uploaded a follow-up video.

In this much lengthier video, she explains that it was her friend's boyfriend who first found the camera.

She doubts it was the owners who put it there.

A cart in a hallway, full of cleaning supplies.
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It had to have been somebody who had access to the rooms, which is why Brittany originally thought it could've been a cleaning service.

Because the camera saved footage to an SD card and didn't wirelessly transmit video, somebody would have to come back to get it.

She also clarified that this isn't an Airbnb issue.

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At least, not solely. As unfortunate as it is, Brittany points out that you can find hidden cameras in public bathrooms, change rooms, and even hotels. Some are so well-hidden that you may never find them.

But hopefully whoever did this to Brittany and her friends is caught.

Animated hands struggling while in handcuffs.
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As she explains in the follow-up TikTok, secretly recording people is a felony in her state (and in a lot of other places), so hopefully that will get resolved.

h/t: Dailydot