Jamie Lee Curtis Believes We're Experiencing A 'Genocide Of Natural Beauty'

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Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

When it comes to natural beauty, Jamie Lee Curtis has some thoughts.

The Scream Queens star recently spoke out against society's distaste towards aging. By doing so, she's bravely leading the charge of encouraging the current generation to find comfort and self-love in the skin they're in.

You won't find Jamie Lee Curtis in a plastic surgeon's office anytime soon.

Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

The Halloween actress has always made it clear that she's adamantly against going under the knife, unlike many of her Hollywood peers. "Once you mess with your face, you can’t get it back," she said in an interview with Fast Company.

Curtis continued,

Jamie Lee Curtis
Giphy | Golden Globes

“The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty,"

She even admitted that plastic surgery is what led to her struggle with drug addiction.

“I tried plastic surgery and it didn’t work. It got me addicted to Vicodin. I’m 22 years sober now.”

In Variety’s 2019 “Recovery Issue,” she revealed that a cameraman's offhand comment in 1989 caused her to "fix" her puffy eyes.

“I naturally had puffy eyes. If you see photographs of me as a child, I look like I haven’t slept," she said.

"I’ve just always been that person, and we were shooting a scene in a courtroom with that kind of high, nasty fluorescent light," she continued.

Jamie Lee Curtis

"And it came around to my coverage in the scene, and [the cameraman] said, ‘I’m not shooting her today. Her eyes are too puffy.’”

She said that this comment caused her to feel “mortified and so embarrassed."

Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

She ended up going the plastic surgery route to fix them. Since pain killers are prescribed to help with the pain following surgery, thus began her Vicodin addiction.

Decades later and the actress's thoughts on beauty haven't changed.

She recently joined Vanessa Williams and Maria Shriver at the Radically Reframing Aging Summit to talk about how society needs to change the conversation around getting older.

“When I brush my teeth, of course, I look in the mirror. When I pluck my eyebrows, of course, I look in a mirror," Curtis began.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Giphy | Halloween

"But when I get out of a shower, I just don’t stare at my now-63-year-old body in the mirror."

While she's not denying what she looks like, she says that she's trying to live in acceptance.

Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

"If I look in the mirror, it’s harder for me to be in acceptance. I’m more critical. Whereas, if I just don’t look, I’m not so worried about it.”

The actress then said that she's all for "natural beauty."

Jamie Lee Curtis
instagram | Jamie Lee Curtis

“I do feel there has been a genocide of natural beauty. It is perpetuated by the media, it is perpetuated by magazines big time, and it is even in our life,” she said, once again pointing to Zoom filters that touch up how you look.

The actress, who is set to direct a horror movie about climate change, said how this pressure affects the current generation.

Curtis said her concern is that youth “believe they have to alter their appearance to post anything, anywhere.”

"That then becomes a baseline of that's what that is, and we're never going to be able to go back to looking like natural women."

Jamie Lee Curtis
Giphy | Access

Way to go, Jamie, for speaking up about this important issue!

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