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Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Have Kids Who Are Genetically Related

In the world, there are many sets of twins out there. About 1.6 million twins are born each year worldwide, with one in every 42 children born a twin. Sometimes, twins are extremely close and they want to spend a lot of time together. Other times, twins are closer than close. They want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, and with other sets of twins, too.

Recently, a set of identical twins opened up on their life on TLC to share their story.

On TLC's news TV show "Extreme Sisters," twins Brittany and Briana opened up about their life as identical twins.

The two had a dream to "always marry twin brothers" so that they can live their life close and also share their twin experiences with others.

The sisters claim that dating was always a huge problem for them throughout their lives.

Being identical twins makes Brittany and Briana extremely close. They do share DNA, so they basically like to share their lives together, as well.

Many people who are not twins don't always understand how it is to be a twin. They also don't understand how close the two can be because they, themselves, are not a twin.

Brittany explained how "singletons" didn't get their twin bond.

In an interview with Insider, Brittany explained how people who are not twins, or "singletons" as they call them, do not understand their twin bond.

Sure, people may have siblings they are close with, but unless they are truly sharing the same DNA, they don't always get it.

That's why Brittany and Briana always dreamt of marrying twin brothers.

If the sisters were able to meet twin brothers, it would be possible for them to then understand how close they are and then, things would be much easier.

So, when they decided to attend a festival for twins in 2017, it was clear that they had a small mission.

In 2017, they attended the " Twins Days Festival" in Twinsburg, Ohio.

While at the festival, Brittany and Briana met Jeremy and Josh, another set of identical twins. According to the sisters, it was "love at first sight."

And, when the couples decided to tie the knot a year later, they had a "double" ceremony, getting married together.

Now, they all live together under one roof.

The two couples live together under one roof with their husbands and their kids.

The sisters were able to get pregnant at the same time and now, because both Brittany and Briana are twins and Jeremy and Josh are twins, their babies share the same DNA/genetic makeup, too.

Brittany and Briana knew that they would be "siblings" even though they're really just cousins.

“When we have children, my and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children. Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together,” Brittany had said before.

The two are raising their children and sharing a life altogether.

While living in the same household, the couples see each other's kids as basically their own kids—not as a niece or nephew.

"I feel like I'm Jett's parent and I think [my brother] feels the same way about Jax. We all live together and we are raising the kids together. It feels like one family unit, not two separate couples with their own babies. It's the four of us with our two babies," Jeremy told Entertainment Tonight. "

The sisters are so close, they even breastfed each other's babies.

In one episode of the TLC episode, Brittany and Briana share that they're so into the co-parenting lifestyle of each other's children that they even breastfed each other's babies.

While it seems extreme, they do share the same DNA.

In addition to raising their kids together, Brittany and Briana match outfits daily.

Brittany and Briana wake up every day and wear matching outfits—from dresses to pajamas. And, it's not always planned. Sometimes, they just wake up and want to wear similar or the same style of outfit, so it's easy to just go with.

And, while they live a unique lifestyle, the couples remain very happy.

While the lifestyle they live seems unique and not common, the couples remain and seem extremely happy living this life. In addition, raising their kids together gives each couple some "alone time" when they want and need it, too.

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