Entitled Plane Passenger In Middle Seat Claims She 'Legally' Gets Both Armrests

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There are those people who absolutely love traveling, planes and all. I, however, dread when it comes to getting on a plane. Don't get me wrong — I used to love it.

But these days, the spaces have gotten smaller, and I feel like a sardine more than an actual human flying on a plane. And what makes things worse is when you get somebody entitled sitting next to you. That's exactly what happened to this one woman, and it started a hilarious Twitter thread.

Let me ask you something:

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Which seat do you prefer on the plane? Are you a window seeker? Or an aisle fan, or dare you say you actually like the middle seat? Well, whatever seat you're after, I think you'll enjoy this story here.

Writer Rachel Handler was flying with a window seat.

And she had the unfortunate luck to be seated to a very unusual passenger in the middle seat. The woman next to her actually asked Siri to tell her about the middle seat etiquette. Can you imagine that?

Oh my goodness, ha, ha.

The woman then proceeded to inform Rachel that it was her legal right to use both armrests. Is that right? Wow! I'm speechless at that. The woman also claimed to have worked at Boeing for 20 years to justify her possession of the armrests.

Here's the truth, though:

Rachel, being a nice person, would have absolutely obliged to give this woman the entire armrest. However, it's the way she went about the subject that pretty much rubbed her the wrong way. I mean, wouldn't you feel the same way?

And here's the kicker, though.

This woman was all about her so-called legal rights, and then she proceeded to recline her seat before take-off. At which point Rachel knew this maneuver would have been a no-no. So how can you enforce one thing and not follow the other, huh?


So you see, this is usually how 'entitled' people act. They seem to follow the rules they like and break the ones they don't. And now this woman started to get more irritating by exhibiting annoying behavior like shoving Rachel's arm, which wasn't even touching the armrest.

Honestly, at this point, I wouldn't be so calm.

I don't know how Rachel was able to keep her cool, ha, ha. I would have been like, "WTF?" Behavior like this doesn't fly with me at all. If this woman started with me, the battle would have been on!

Seriously, this whole thread has been hilarious.

Twitter comments
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I really have to give Rachel props for not escalating this. If it were me, I can't say for sure I would have been as understanding as her. This lady is lucky she didn't sit next to a Polish woman. I would have shown her the door and fast.

So what do you think of this odd passenger behavior?

Woman saying "What? That's crazy."
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Do you think that people who sit in the middle seats on the plane are entitled to the whole armrests? Or do you think there's a compromise that needs to take place on both passenger's sides?

I believe both parties should either share or at least discuss but not demand. That's what I think of plane etiquette. You do right by me, and I'll do right by you. That's all.

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