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Ex-Girlfriend Vandalizes Ex's Car, But Thinks Ex's Parents Are Overreacting

Dealing with a breakup can be tough. If you're lucky, then all your relationships will end amicably. If you aren't so lucky, you may end up with a vandalized car.

Which is what ended up happening to one teen (and his family).

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In a Reddit post on the AITA sub, user Wild-Spread-8713 asked if he and his wife were overreacting after their son's ex-girlfriend vandalized his car. He details the entire story in his post.

"My (39M) son (17M) Bryce dated our neighbor Lana (17F) for a year, they broke up mid Jan for reasons I don't know."

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"I won't sugarcoat this, I never liked Lana, she always seem a little unhinged, controlling and aggressive, she's always demanding Bryce's attention"

Already it sounds like this Lana girl isn't a good fit for Bryce.

"There were quite a few times when she showed up on our house our of nowhere... because Bryce wasn't answering his phone, screaming and calling him a cheater when it wasn't like that."

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I don't blame Bryce's parents for disliking Lana. This is pretty terrible behavior.

OP then explains that Bryce broke up with Lana sometime later.

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"Now the problem is that we bought my son a car for Christmas, nothing fancy but enough to get him to school, his job and eventually college, he parks it in our driveway outside our home."

And this is where it gets pretty bad.

"Ever since the month began we had been founding [sic] scratches all over the car."

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OP talks about how they suspected that Lana was the one scratching the car, and that they didn't have proof, but decided to make sure their CCTV was facing Bryce's car in case Lana did anything worse.

And it was good that they did, because the vandalism escalated big time.

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OP describes the state in which he and his family found the car one day: "paint, glue, feathers, confetti, the door handles were wrecked, flat tires, paint all over the windows, you get the picture..."

This isn't a simple prank. This is literally defacing someone else's property. And is a crime.

"We called the police and I handled [sic] them the CCTV that showed Lana and her brother (23M) destroying my son's car."

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"Lana's brother went straight to jail, but since she's still a minor her parents want to make a deal but I refused," OP continued. He talked about how Lana was also laughing before the police showed up, showing how she totally wasn't sorry.

Lana's parents thought they could buy Bryce's parents' silence.

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OP concludes his story by saying. "My wife and I want to stand our ground. They said they'll buy my son a better car and put Lana on therapy but it's not enough." He then asks if he and his wife were in the wrong, and if they're acting like assholes.

The comment section overwhelmingly agreed that OP and his wife are not the asshole in this situation.

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"I can't picture my (very much ADULT) brothers helping me wreck my ex's car just because I'm bitter," writes soker6158.

"I'd say you're doing her a favor by standing your ground. She sounds like an entitled brat," ProfessionalRip8300 comments.

Needless to say, Lana's in need of a wakeup call.

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She already sounded like a mean and abusive girlfriend. But the fact that she got her brother to completely destroy his car for no reason is even worse. All in all, this situation sucks, and I hope OP and his family keep standing their ground.