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18 Thrift Store Finds That Are Too Ridiculous To Not Share

I have to admit it's been a while since I've been to a thrift store. I blame the pandemic for that. But if you're an avid thrifter, I bet you have found some gems there, huh?

How about duds, though? I imagine that for the amount of all the good stuff you discovered, there was twice as much crap. Well, these folks did find some questionable items, and they were quick to share them online, ha, ha.

This Monstrosity

OMG, what the heck is that? If you've had too many people running on your mind, perhaps you'll appreciate this odd find. I, on the other hand, do not. There is no way in the world I would take this home.

These Strange Glasses

Do you see what I see here? Are those half regular glasses and half sunglasses? Why? Who would make something like that? It makes zero sense to me. How about you? I don't get the reasoning behind it at all.

For When You Just Can't

I hear you loud and clear. Honestly, the way I have been feeling the past few months, this T-shirt describes it to a tee. Maybe I should go and look for one, eh?

This Pickle-Me-Elmo

Elmo fans, be warned. What you see here isn't for the faint of heart. Somebody actually pickled Elmo, and I'm trying to make sense of all that. I mean, why? I just don't understand it at all.

This Savings Jug

Jug that says "Vaoation Money"
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Who needs vacation money when you can have "Vaoation Money," huh? Lol! I don't know if somebody actually made this jug at home or if it came from China. Either way, it belongs on the wayside.

This Mother Lode

Oh yes, because I really want to take a gamble on buying a vase full of random coins listed for $249.99. What are the chances there are even enough coins to amount to that? I don't think so, ha, ha.

These Funny Shoes

Ha, ha. I do see it, too. And now I have to admit that I can't unsee it, lol. So if you're a fan of the Turtles, would you take these shoes with you? Hmm, it's tempting, that's for sure, but I'll have to pass.

This Haunted TV

Oh, boy! Thanks for the warning, though. At least they were honest about their delusions rather than letting you buy this perfectly normal TV as is. So would you take the risk? Hmm, I'm not that superstitious but still.

This Beach Rock

If you're feeling nostalgic about the summer and missing the beach a lot, don't worry. You can always get this beach rock at Goodwill for only $5.50. Why would you do that? I really don't know, but I bet it will be a good find for someone.

This Interesting Reading

Honestly, if you need a book to tell you that, you've got bigger problems than the rest of us. Notice the writing in the brackets? It says, "And if he is, should you break up with him?" Like that should even be a question.

This Canadian Tire Money Stack

If you're not a Canuck, you may not understand what Canadian Tire money means, ha, ha. But to us, this isn't a great thrift store find. They can keep all those useless pieces of paper. Nobody is going to buy it for $4.99.

This Helicopter Ceiling Fan

Whoa, what's going on here, haha? Did somebody put a military helicopter replica as a ceiling fan? That is the strangest thing I've seen in a while and a bizarre thrift store find. Am I right?

These Off-Brand Gems

Oh, yeah! Are you a brand-name fan? Well, if you are, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of these fakes here. I thought it was illegal to sell this stuff, so what are they doing at a thrift store, huh?

This Chicken Defence Mechanism

If you have one rooster who's bullying all your chickens, you can do something about it. Just get your chicks these Hulk arms, and they will be able to defend themselves from now on. Right on!

This Odd Mug

I've seen my share of demented coffee mugs but this one here takes the cake. I guess this is what happens when those COVID-19 pandemic Zoom calls finally fry your brain! Yikes. That's not a pretty end to the day, eh?

This Bad Boy

Oh my goodness, it's like Chewbacca and Cheetos had a baby, no? The only thing is you can't actually eat Cheetos when you sit on it because you'll have a hard time finding any of the crumbs. Other than that — I'm sold.

This So-Called Animal Print Couch

Um, yeah right. This isn't an animal print couch. It's a couch that's been ripped to shreds. But you have to give them credit for some clever marketing strategy, eh? I wonder if anybody would buy it because of it.

This Awesome Refrigerator

Oh, don't you love this marketplace find here? "Everything works except it doesn't get cold." That is the only function of the refrigerator, lol. It's supposed to keep all your food cold. So what's the point of buying one that's broken, huh?

Oh my goodness, ha, ha!

Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek
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What did I tell you? There are awesome thrift store finds, and then there are plenty of duds. This is why I don't have the patience to visit second-hand stores. I want to see all the good stuff first, and if I still have time, I'll look at the questionable ones, ha, ha. How about you? Are you a patient person or what?

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