A dog and a cat cuddling
Unsplash | Krista Mangulsone

Emotional Photos Of Ukrainian People And Their Pets That Highlight The Power Of Love

While the world watches the news about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia unfold, it's important that we remember there are real people who are being affected by this tragedy, including people with pets that they love. The following is a collection of photos of Ukrainians who have evacuated their homes with their pets, showing that a person's love for their pet knows no bounds.

This young girl and her dog.

A young girl holding a dog.
twitter | UNICEF Moldova

"The UNICEF Moldova team traveled to the Palanca crossing point on the border of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, where the Temporary Refugee Center is located, offering a first batch of humanitarian aid to refugees with children," the UNICEF twitter page captioned this shot.

This man and his brave cat.

This tweet from @nolawnwpeterson went viral after he highlighted how brave his pet cat has been during this frightening situation.

This guinea pig.

Someone sleeps next to a guinea pig cage.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

When we think about pets during this scary time, our first thought might be for dogs and cats — but there are many other pets out there who are being taken care of by their humans with a fierce passion.

This worried looking pup.

At least these beloved furry family members got to stay close to their people, no matter how scary or different the world might seem around them.

This pup standing guard.

A dog laying in front of a person.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

While sleeping must be tough in times like this, it must help to have a faithful companion stay by your side to keep guard during your much-needed time of rest.

This spotlight-stealing dog.

A dog lying on a person.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

This dog looks both adorable AND comfortable, which is all you could ask for in this situation.

This cat on duty.

A cat resting between someone's legs.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

I wouldn't usually describe cats as protective creatures, but it's hard to deny that this cat is keeping an eye out for their owner. I wouldn't mess with them.

This sleepy pup.

A dog sleeps on a person's legs.
Facebook | Leisa Smykovska

This pup looks like they're having a restful nap — or they're just happy to be with their people.

This perky kitty.

A cat sitting in the lap of their owner.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

This beautiful little guy is looking alert and ready to go, which brought a smile to our face as well as to their owner's.

This funny looking feline.

A cat sticking his head through a zipper.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

Even during tough times, our pets are there to make us laugh without even realizing they're doing it. This cat's funny little face must have been a welcome sight to the people around them!

This cat looking none-too-pleased.

A cat sat in a box.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

This cat, in a makeshift carrier with airholes and what looks like tissue paper as a liner, is being incredibly brave, even if they look a little angry about it!

These parrots being evacuated.

Every type of pet deserves to live safely and happily, just like their owners do.

This restful pup.

A pug sleeping on someone's stomach.
Facebook | Lesia Smykovska

It's important, even during these stressful times, to make sure that you and your furry loved ones are getting enough rest when you can.

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