Worker Quits After Boss Hassles Them For Being 'Late' While Working On Day Off

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Over the past year, we've seen quite a reckoning unfold for a lot of the world's bad bosses.

Whether their employees can't get a raise no matter what they do, are experiencing micromanaging and inconsistent policies, or feel as though they're being treated inhumanely, they're starting to realize they don't have to take it any more.

So as a result, we're seeing a lot of people quit and quite a few of those people are finding their bosses needed them more than they let on. After all, what other conclusion are they supposed to come to after their resignations inspire a flurry of texts that jump between pleading and threatening?

But while we weren't exactly privy to that kind of fallout in the story we're about to hear, we can only imagine what kind of uproar one garage is in after an ungrateful boss took things too far.

The person we're about to hear from has been installing car wraps at a small business over the last year.

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As they explained in a Reddit post, this year has seen them become the company's lead installer and double the business's output by the age of 24.

It's also worth noting that they're in school on the side and do freelance work on Saturdays, but nonetheless put in eight to 10 hour days.

Finally, they and their bosses have have always been able to come and go at various hours because the receptionist is in charge of greeting clients and taking appointments.

With all of this context established, it gets even easier to see why one incident came as such a disappointing shock to this worker.

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When their boss' friend need some work done on his car, he insisted that it had to be done on a Saturday after rescheduling three times.

As the employee put it, "My boss practically begs me to come in and work, so I agree, but let him know that I had a freelance appointment about 80 miles away that same day."

Unfortunately, the worker would end up having to cancel that appointment because after they arrived at 7:50 am, they found themselves spending 10 hours on just this client's car.

Still, considering that they did all that work as a favor on what should have been their day off, they didn't see any reason to expect the reaction that followed.

customer yelling in Christian Bale's face next to propped up car
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Instead of thanking them, their boss told them they embarrassed him because they weren't there at 7:00 am to take the keys to this friend's car.

This is despite the fact that this person doesn't usually have to do that and the fact that the friend lives 10 minutes from the shop, while the employee lives an hour's commute away.

And although the boss acknowledged what a hard and dedicated worker this person is, he said the fact that they weren't there exactly when he wanted them to be on their day off made them unreliable.

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In the employee's words, "My blood starts to boil as I realize that I am now being berated after coming in on my day off, working 10 hours, and cancelling an appointment that worked towards my ideal career."

So after standing there in silence and waiting for him to finish talking, this person decided that the stress and hard work they put into this job isn't worth it and they'll be quitting within the week.

I can only guess how the boss will respond to that news.

h/t: Reddit | issathrowaway2

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