20 Great Ideas That Solve Problems We Didn't Even Realize Existed Yet

Ashley Hunte
The inner side of a theater chair with a button to turn on a heating function.
Reddit | Historical_Hyena_552

Some ideas are really good because they look cool, while others are really good because they're actually super helpful. The best ones do both, in my opinion.

And these cool ideas? Well, let's just say they're on a whole other level. I honestly can't help but be a little bit obsessed over some of these.

"I made my roommate a Batman toothbrush holder."

A batman figurine attached by a wire to a suction cu on a mirror. In his hand is another piece of wire with a toothbrush hanging from it.
Reddit | tentoesandcounting

There are plenty of ways to hold a toothbrush in a bathroom, but I have to say that this is one of the more creative ones I've seen. And it looks like it actually works, which is really cool.

"Found an interesting use for Legos. I started with just orange robot arm and have expanded to organize all my random desktop tools."

A desktop/workshop organizer made with different LEGO bits.
Reddit | Klarnicck

Who would've thought a bunch of Lego blocks could make for a pretty effective desktop organizer? I bet you could fully customize that thing to fit everything you'd need, too.

"Bathroom stalls in the Dallas airport light up to show which stall is open, and don’t have any cracks in stall doors."

Stalls in a public washroom with red and green lights on top of each one.
Reddit | anniehern

You see this a lot in underground parking spaces, but not so much in restrooms! Imagine wanting to go into a stall, but not having to awkwardly look under the doors to see if there are any feet on the other side. Amazing.

"Chicken coop is tiny replica of main house in my neighborhood."

The back of a small, blue house. Behind it, there's a chicken coop modeled to look like a miniature version of the house.
Reddit | blipsman

Now this is how you make a chicken coop. Like, they usually are kind of ugly, don't you think?

Not this one, though. This one just looks like an extension of the main house. Pure genius right here.

"This old building has a 'floor light' below a skylight so the light reaches the lower floor."

Two feet standing in front of a window in the ground, showing a plant on the level beneath.
Reddit | greengiantj

I think this is a really cute idea, especially with something like a plant directly below the window. It gives that floor a bit more personality, I think.

"Checked out a new park for unicycling and they have this at the beginning of the trail...some tools and an air pump for bikes to tune up before a ride."

A tire pump and other tools meant for bike maintenance, standing next to a field of grass.
Reddit | Wobblejaw

I'm sure it would also work really well for unicycling.

Okay, but seriously. Why isn't this a thing in every park yet?

"I bought sticky bug traps online for my house plants and they came with a tiny shovel."

A plant pot with a yellow bird-shaped piece of plastic and a tiny plastic shovel sticking out of the soil.
Reddit | dandanthebaconman

I've been sitting here for a while now thinking about how useful a tiny shovel would be. It's kind of hard to use regular trowels in plant pots, but a tiny shovel like that would be way easier.

I really want one all of a sudden.

"Clever sign at a restaurant in Melbourne, FL, has tiny text on the bottom right that says 'made you look.'"

A sign on a storefront that intentionally reads, "Grnad Opening." Smaller writing along the side reads, "Made you look."
Reddit | AmandaMarsh

If you ever wanted to attract people to your new store or restaurant, take a page out of this place's book. They put a glaring typo in their banner, just so that people would stare and wonder if it was an accident. But it wasn't.

"My new socks come with instructions to put on which feet."

A pair of feet with black socks on them. In blue, the socks read L for left and R for right, on the respective feet.
Reddit | deadpool21921

Sometimes, the sock you put on each foot kind of matters. Especially when those socks tell you which one is for which foot. Don't let the socks down.

"An Umbrella Lock in the Louvre."

A series of numeric locks, each capable of holding a single umbrella.
Reddit | Darthperuzzi

This is definitely something I never thought about needing, but suddenly wish was in every public building. Why carry your umbrella around when you can just leave it in an area specifically designed to hold onto umbrellas?

"This soap in my hotel that makes it very clear what you should wash with it without needing to read the tiny text."

A white bottle of shampoo/conditioner that reads "put your hands up in your hair!" in large text. A black bottle of body wash that reads, "Rock your body!" in large text.
Reddit | Firminou

This design is truly the best of both worlds. Not only is it super fun, but it's informative, too. At least it shows you what goes in your hair versus what goes on your skin.

"Uniqlo offering a service for free alterations on pants!"

A sign advertising for free basic clothing alterations, as well as $6 alterations for a slightly higher quality stitch.
Reddit | Ill-Organization8503

Let's face it, clothing isn't really made to fit every body. Some people are short, after all.

It's nice that some places out there are looking out for our short friends, and offering to alter their pants for them. For free, too!

"Samsung asks to turn your morning work alarm back on."

A screenshot of a phone asking permission to turn on a preset alarm for the next workday.
Reddit | DaniBecr

I love when phone operating systems get smart like this. Like, yeah, maybe you want that alarm on again. Or maybe you have the day off, and you don't want it on. It's nice to have options instead of your phone defaulting to the one choice you didn't want.

"This pump for a skin moisturizer completely drains the canister."

A top-down view of a container that shows how it completely drains itself of its contents through the pump.
Reddit | NoXylene

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will take the pumps off conditioner or lotion bottles and just hit them upside down until whatever's left comes out. If only more containers were designed like this one... The world would probably be a better place.

"On the display model of a grill."

A small sticker on a piece of black metal stating that if it's visible, it means the greater item was assembled incorrectly.
Reddit | CPA0908

This is actually, like, unbelievably helpful. Why don't more things come with little reminders and stickers like this? It would definitely save most of us a lot of the heartache that comes with trying to assemble furniture and stuff like that.

"Bag of sweets advertises food the actual size of it. (Marshmallow for reference)."

A package of Stuffed Puffs Big Bites filled marshmallows, with one actual marshmallow on top, showing that the ones in the picture are truly actual size.
Reddit | SmallBeefyBoi

Talk about honest advertising. Sure, finding out something is a lot smaller than the package makes it seem may not be a problem per se, but that doesn't mean it's all fine and dandy. Let me know what my snacks actually look like, please and thanks!

"Samsung phone... turns on driving mode as soon as it thinks I'm at a speed higher than humans could travel at."

A screenshot of a phone showing that Do Not Disturb/Driving Mode has been turned on.
Reddit | IamSurgeon

In OP's case, they were a passenger. But this is definitely super helpful if you're driving. Distracted driving is too real.

"AMD auto unsubscribes customers from emailing database if last emails were not opened."

An email from the company AMD, notifying the recipient that they're automatically being unsubscribed from their mailing list.
Reddit | zizous13

I seriously wish every company was like this. Having to unsubscribe from everything is kind of a pain, especially when some companies hide their unsubscribe buttons. They need to learn to take a hint.

"My cinema chair has a heating function."

The inner side of a movie theater chair, with a button that glows read when it's on, indicating that the heating function is in use.
Reddit | Historical_Hyena_552

My local theater has heated seats, and when I tell you they're the best thing in the world, I'm not kidding. Believe it or not, they're nice in the summer (when you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt but the theater's really cold).

"Light up, pedestrian pads so you never have to look up from your phone whilst crossing the street..."

Two images showing a pedestrian crosswalk. The first shows green lights on the ground indicating that one can cross, while the second shows red lights on the ground indicating that one should stop.
Reddit | madr1ck

Now this is pure genius. Like, a crosswalk like this would probably help a lot more people than you'd think. Here's hoping they become a thing everywhere.