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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Pledge To Match $1 Million In Donations For Displaced Ukrainians

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, more and more public figures are coming out of the woodwork to show their support. Thankfully, there appear to be some who are starting to do more than just that, notably famous couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

The two recently announced a fundraising project with the UN Refugee Agency wherein they'll match every donation up to $1 million.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have partnered with USA for UNHCR for a stellar donation initiative.

USA for UNHCR, or the UN Refugee Agency, is a non-profit organization that provides "critical support to refugees" as described on their Instagram.

Recent posts from both actors and UNHCR describe a phenomenal initiative meant to encourage donations to help Ukrainians in need.

The tweet from UNHCR says that Reynolds and Lively will be matching donations in the hope of doubling pre-existing support.

They say the two will match the donations dollar for dollar up to a whopping $1 million.

Reynolds then quote re-tweeted them to confirm, urging that Ukrainians need support right now, and that any donation to UNHCR will be doubled thanks to his matching, meaning more aid for those in crisis.

Lively's post is much the same, highlighting UNHCR's role in the situation as an organization.

In her Instagram post, she writes, "@usaforunhcr is on the ground helping the 50,000+ Ukrainians who had to flee their homes in less than 48 hours."

She added, "@usaforunhcr is providing life saving aid, and also working with neighboring countries to ensure protection for these families."

burlap sack with seal of United NationsHigh Commissioner For Refugees in front of airplane at dusty airport
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And they're just one of select group of organizations who are directly involved in giving those staying in Ukraine and those trying to flee the nation the support they need.

Their support could not come at a more critical time.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
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With their large donation matching, they're sure to help hundreds if not thousands of Ukrainians who are desperately seeking aid as their country is under siege.

Their generosity means much in times of crisis, and hopefully, others with the means follow in their footsteps.

h/t: NBC News

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