Pink Admits To Being 'Overwhelmed' By Motherhood: 'I Cry In My Closet'

Sarah Kester
Pink with her kids
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Pink is feeling blue about parenting.

The singer is mom to daughter Willow Sage, 10, and son Jameson Moon, 5, whom she shares with husband, Carey Hart.

While she's a rockstar mom, the "Raise a Glass" singer recently admitted that she gets "overwhelmed all the time" as a parent.

Pink has always been candid about how motherhood has changed her.

Pink sitting in chair
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A lot of this stems from the fact that she didn't want to be a mother. It "just wasn't on my list of to-dos," she said in an interview with Carson Daly. She even said that she was "surprised" when she welcomed her son and daughter.

But once she embraced motherhood and all the joys it brings, she was able to feel thankful for it.

Pink with her baby
instagram | Pink

“I’m much more open. I’m much more accepting of myself. I’m much more thoughtful,” she said. “I plan more. I have to. I have to figure out the balance.”

While music is still a huge passion of hers, she's managed to incorporate it with family.

She does so by bringing her kids on tour! As any working mom knows, mixing kids with work isn't easy! But the star gets it done and even calls it "fun."

“It’s fun for everybody, even the younger people that are out on tour with us, because the kids bring a levity to the situation that wouldn’t otherwise exist,” she said.

Pink sitting with her child
Giphy | E!

She continued: “It’s fun for everybody, even the younger people that are out on tour with us, because the kids bring a levity to the situation that wouldn’t otherwise exist,” she said.

It's not always easy being a working mother, though.

Pink with her son
instagram | Pink

While on Reese Witherspoon’s show Shine On With Reese, she described bringing kids on tour as “really tricky” and “exhausting."

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said. “But I’m very, very fortunate that I get to bring my kids with me and that I kind of get to integrate them into my [work] life.”

That's not the only parenting struggle the mom of two has faced.

Pink on stage dancing
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Recently, she opened up to People about the hard days of being a mom. In addition to admitting that she gets "overwhelmed all the time" as a parent, she said that she cries in her closet a lot.

"Here's the problem when you don't have boundaries in your house — I'll go in the shower and have a full out loud conversation with myself and I'll turn around and Willow's been standing there staring at me the entire time."

Pink playing with kids
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Parents, can you relate? She teased that she needs to get more locks in their home.

"I try to explain to my children that me going to the bathroom is not an invitation for a family meeting."

Pink talking
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Also relatable for parents. Some parents go to the washroom just to get away from their kids. "I get overwhelmed all the time," Pink continued.

"I am an extrovert. I process out loud and my daughter is an introvert and I don't know what she's thinking half the time."

As a result, she says that she relies on "the community and the village that we have to check in with her as much as I can."

"I know that sometimes I'm going to learn more about my daughter from my friend who their daughter plays together and that's okay," she adds.

Pink with her kids
instagram | Pink

Another thing she can rely on is her latest partnership with the meditation app, Calm. She partnered with the app to record three sleep stories to help families fall asleep easier.

Of course, she shares her stories with her kids, who she says, listen to her recording every night.

Pink with her daughter
instagram | Pink

"Jameson wants to have it very night," Pink told People. "He's been listening to Minions nonstop for five weeks, but now he's requesting my story so I'm feeling very proud."

Crying or not, all we see is an amazing mother here!

H/T: People

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