Video Game Contest Has Official Titles And Scottish Land Up For Grabs

Still of a trailer for Elden Ring
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What's the best thing you could win in a video game contest?

Money? An ever-elusive PlayStation 5? How about a piece of land?

That's exactly what the publisher of a new RPG is giving out to a hundred lucky winners. And that's not all! Winners also get to add something sweet to their names on official documents, and it's all legit.

Gaming contests are nothing new.

You've probably seen this tweet, showing what could be won in a StarCraft competition back in 2011. Five hundred bucks is nice and all, but the fifth through eighth place prizes are 25 bitcoin.

Today, 25 bitcoin is worth $983,720 USD.

Bandai Namco is offering Scottish land as a prize.

Art for the game Elden Ring
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The Japanese gaming giant dropped Elden Ring this February, an action-RPG that was made in collaboration with A Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. There's understandably a lot of hype surrounding its release.

They're giving a hundred lucky winners a piece of Scottish land.

Map of Scotland
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This isn't a contest based on gaming skill, it's a contest based on writing skill. Anyone who wants to enter can send an email to, where they can make their case to Bandai Namco as to why they deserve a piece of land.

It comes with an unexpected perk.

Gif: "M'lady"
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Bandai Namco is referring to winners as Elden Lords or Elden Ladies, which...means nothing, honestly.

But as landowners, technically, in the Scottish Highlands, winners will be able to use the title of Lord or Lady on legal documents. Whether they want to nerd out and refer to themselves as Elden Lord or Elden Lady is entirely up to them.

Where's the land?

Scottish Highlands
Wikipedia | Luis Ascenso Photography

Winners will get a small parcel of land at the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, an area of great natural beauty. While it's open for visiting, laws prohibit the land from being used for anything other than conservation purposes.

There's a big catch.

Gif: "There's always a catch"
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Like most contests of the sort, this one's only open to entrants aged 16 and over. The bigger catch is that it's only open to people who live in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

But if you fit within these categories, you have until March 11th to make your pitch.

It's a unique prize.

Scottish Highlands
Wikipedia | Dg-505

In practice, the 100 winners of this contest will only have a theoretical prize, since they can't really do anything with the land that they win. Still, it's pretty cool to be able to boast about owning land in the Scottish Highlands, in addition to being a Lord or a Lady.

Here's the trailer.

Still of a trailer for Elden Ring
YouTube | PlayStation

If all this talk of the Scottish Highlands, gaming and George R.R. Martin have you excited for a video game that's like A Game of Thrones, only not, check out this overview trailer.

What would you do with a Lordship or Ladyship and a small piece of land in the Scottish Highlands? Let us know in the comments!

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