Elton John Gives Emotional Goodbye To Madison Square Garden During Farewell Tour

Taylor Sakellis
Elton John
Getty Images | Kevin Mazur

It's hard to believe that music veteran and icon Elton John is winding down his career after over 50 years. Since bursting on the scene in the late sixties, Elton has been electrifying fans with his amazing voice, music talent, and of course, his elaborate costumes and glasses.

Now, the artist is saying goodbye to his favorite venue, Madison Square Garden, in an emotional Instagram post as part of his farewell tour.

Elton John has embarked on his final tour, Farewell Yellow Brick Road, which will wrap up in the summer of 2023.

elton john
Giphy | Elton John

This tour will take Elton through many of his favorite venues across the globe for the last time.

This past week, the 74-year-old bid farewell to Madison Square Garden during his last show in New York City.

Posting a photo of himself standing on stage, Elton shared an emotional message with his fans.

"Quite a moment for me last night playing Madison Square Garden for the last time on tour, my favourite venue in the world and somewhere I’ve played over 70 times," the Tiny Dancer singer wrote.

"Thank you for a magical couple of nights and 52 years of memories," he added.

The comments section quickly became filled with congratulations, praise and fans posting their own memories of seeing Elton there over the past 50 years.

What an incredible moment for an incredible man!