Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson To Be Nominated As First Black Woman On Supreme Court

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson speaking.
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In a historic moment that fulfills a promise made by Joe Biden during his 2020 presidential campaign, the first-ever Black woman will be nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Her name is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She brings a long history of legal experience and is admired by many of her peers, including those who may not agree with her politically.

President Joe Biden will nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson speaking at a table.
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An announcement from the White House confirmed it, and a ceremony will be held later today where both will speak on the nomination.

With this announcement comes a new first, as Judge Jackson will be the first-ever African American woman on the Supreme Court.

Judge Jackson is currently on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

The U.S. Supreme Court building.
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She was also named to that position by Biden and was confirmed by the Senate with Republican support.

Judge Jackson has over eight years of experience on the federal bench, making her path to Supreme Court rather standard.

Jackson is unique in many other ways, though.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson speaking.
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She will be the first federal public defender to serve on the Supreme Court, and only the second to have criminal defense experience, with Thurgood Marshall being the first.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates said the president has always admired her "experience in roles at all levels of the justice system, her character, and her legal brilliance."

She's well-loved by many civil rights and legal groups in her community.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson smiling.
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In fact, many people she's met in her line of work have nothing but glowing things to say about her.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump said to ABC News, "In my view, that of a civil rights lawyer and advocate who is committed to bringing justice, respect, and fairness to this nation, and particularly to my community, that woman is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson."

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