Ty Pennington Responds To People Saying He Looks 'Old' And 'Fat' In Swimsuit Video

Taylor Sakellis
ty pennington
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Newsflash — people on social media can be horrible. In fact, people seemingly go out of their way to be complete meanies to strangers on the internet. It's hard enough for the average person to deal with, so I can't imagine being a celebrity and getting hundreds, if not thousands of mean comments daily.

Now, former Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington is responding to people who took to his recent Instagram post to make fun of him.

Don't like — you had a crush on Ty Pennington back in the day, too.

Growing up, I couldn't wait to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition every Sunday because I knew I'd get to see Ty in a hard hat and I and just daydream about my room being his special project one day.

These days, Ty is still helping make people's dreams come true on HGTV. Thankfully now, though, he's given more than one week.

ty pennington
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Recently, the 57-year-old was enjoying himself on the beach and shared a funny video his wife took of him dancing and living his best life.

The caption on the post was sweet, reading: "I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Let’s not forget that loving YOURSELF is the most important of all"

While many fans loved the video, others felt the need to weigh in on Ty's physical appearance.

Now, the DIY expert is opening up about aging in a lengthy Instagram post titled "Thoughts on Aging."

Sharing a black and white photo of himself, Ty began:

"I posted a video recently of myself dancing on the beach, with my shorts hiked up. What was an honest moment of just trying to make my wife laugh, was then picked apart by strangers- with a lot of views, comes a lot of hate!"

"Comments like “disgusting”, “gross”, “omg he’s so old now”, “grandpa”, “he got fat” (which btw I’m pushing my stomach out but ok). And I wondered, if I was still young and fit, would I be getting the same comments?"

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"There has been such a force behind accepting all shapes and sizes and aging in the female community which is AWESOME(keep it coming) but maybe let’s give that same grace to men?"

He continued:

"On a daily basis Im inundated with comments like “NOOOo what happened to him???!!!”. Someone even commented the other day, “lack of exercise” which I wish was the truth! I have NEVER worked out harder in my life- 7 days a week (this over 50 [explective] is no joke!).

“What happened” is, it’s been 22 YEARS since I made my television debut!" he explained.

"No, I don’t have a six pack anymore or a luscious head of hair (with frosted tips) but what I do have is wisdom, empathy, life lessons and at 57 years old, I’ve TRULY never been happier!"

Ty concluded with a plea for people to be kind to others and treat everyone with respect.

"Anyways, all this to say: I’m human and I have feelings. Yes, I am older but I think it’s pretty cool. And to that, here’s a picture my wife took of me that I really like- I have wrinkles and sunspots and grey hair but that’s okay and as @paulinaporizkov says #sexyhasnoexpirationdate Cheers to getting older!"

Ty's comment section was soon flooded with messages of support from friends and fans.

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"To age is one of the most priceless gift we have if we are lucky enough," wrote Carrie Locklyn. "I agree let’s give men the same space, to be, we give woman. Sir you are glowing from the inside out. Haters gonna hate."

"Hey, I think your hair is still Luscious, Bro. Social media is a strange place to open yourself up to; the Proverbial bully on the playground has expanded his territory to laptops and keyboards," echoed Darren Keefe.

"Keep spreading positivity! We’re all here for it!!"

This is such a beautiful and important message that I don't think can be said loud enough!

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There is literally no need to comment on someone else' body — we're all looking at ourselves every day, and we all know what's going on!

Way to go, Ty!