Twitter Is Obsessed With 'Blates' — A Terrible Name For An Awesome Piece Of Tableware

Ashley Hunte
A shallow bowl with a black and white design inside of it.
Unsplash | Lidye

Picture this: you're trying to eat something out of a plate, but it keeps sliding off the edges. Sure, that probably doesn't happen that much, but when it does, the internet has your back.

You've probably seen them before.

You know, those shallow bowls that are almost like plates, but are clearly bowl-shaped? Well, the internet seems to have rediscovered them, and they have a new name for them.

AKA, "blates."

Like how a spork is a spoon and a fork, a blate is a bowl and a plate. And it seems like the people of Twitter are kind of obsessed with them right now.

I mean, I don't blame them.

Look, the idea is cool. Sure, it's nothing new; I've never owned a "blate," but I've totally seen them in stores and stuff over the years. And they seem cool!

But... that name.

Captain Picard putting his face in his hand.

As much as I love a good portmanteau, not everything needs to be one. And "blates" is just about one of the dumbest things I've ever read in my life.

"Low bowl" is right there, too...

Like, a bowl that doesn't have high edges. Makes sense.

And yet... blates. Blates.

They also don't seem to be practical all the time.

I couldn't imagine trying to use a low bowl (please... I can't keep saying blate) for anything that needs a knife. Pasta, sure. Stew, absolutely.

But those edges make it hard for a knife to pass through.

Seth Meyers saying "Not good"
Giphy | Late Night with Seth Meyers

I guess that's neither here nor there, though. The people have spoken. The, ugh, blate is superior.

I guess in most regards, bowls are kind of superior.

Like, would you really eat cereal out of a plate?

Didn't think so. (And that paper plate just seems doomed to failure.)

As much as I like plates, I have to agree.

Elmo nodding excitedly.

The internet is full of super weird trends, but this is one thing I can (mostly) get behind.

I just wish they'd choose a better name.

A woman saying "please" desperately
Giphy | Harlem

They could've called them low bowls, or shallow bowls, or plate bowls. Or even beep boops for all I care.

Anything but blates. I swear.

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