19 Things People Think Makes Them Look Cool (But It Gives Major Jerk Vibes)

Sarah Kester
Girl on pink wall
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Cool is an ever-evolving term. 

What was the “cool” style during the ‘90s may not be so cool today. The same goes for different music genres and movies

But you know what never goes out of style? Being nice. That’s something these 19 people need to learn. They are guilty of doing things that they think makes them look cool. 

Spoiler alert: They just look like jerks! 

Mocking someone's appearance

Unsplash | Jerry Zhang

This is especially the case if it's something a person can't help or change, like the color of their skin or the freckles on their cheeks. A lot of people do this to make themselves look better, but the opposite happens: they look ugly inside and out.

Being rude to retail workers or to people they deem as working in a job that’s "beneath them"

Regina George
Reel Rundown | Paramount

"It’s degrading and just makes you look like a [expletive]. They’re demanding a service but belittling the people who provide it and that just instantly makes them look like an entitled jerk." - u/holly__sophia

Bragging about the stuff they own

Person showing peace sign
Unsplash | Artem Beliaikin

This should really be bragging about stuff their parents own* since far too many people do this.

They go on and on about their new sports car or the latest phone, only for people to find out that Mommy and Daddy paid for it.



"Bullies are pure evil. They have no philosophy and derive no benefit from hurting others. They simply want to go on a power trip by causing pain to those who are too gentle and kind to fight back. Even movie villains are better than that." -u/nogoodusernames0_0


Unsplash | Andres Siimon

Many of us have all been there: you're 14 and accept the cigarette you were offered because you think it makes you look cool. But trust us, it doesn't. This one Redditor shared that they've been paying for this mistake for the past 14 years now.

Being arrogant


"The people who do it say they're being 'confident.' The problem is that everyone loves a person who's confident, but everyone hates a person who's arrogant. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know the difference." -u/CapnFang

Listening to music on their phone speaker in public

Giphy | The Paley Center for Media

Sorry, kids, this will NEVER make you look cool. Not only is the music they play usually horrible to listen to, but they play it in the worst scenarios, like when you're trapped with me on a bus.

Bragging about working extensively

Woman at work
Screen rant | CBS

"Seriously. My housemate works in TV production and bragged to me she hadn't had a day off in 50 days. I was just like 'uh... good for you?' Like congrats, you have 0 [expletive] life." -u/oxymoronisanoxymoron

Speeding up when someone’s trying to pass them

Car speeding
Unsplash | why kei

Chill! We're not trying to question your manhood. We're simply trying to get into the right line so we can reach our destination. You don't always have to be faster than everyone else.

Acting "alpha" in a bar or club

Man sitting
Unsplash | Eddie Jones

"One time, I was out to dinner with a friend. This couple is sitting at the bar near us and it's obvious that it's the first date. Dude, out of nowhere, slams his fists on the bar and yells 'I'll [expletive] up any mother [expletive] in here'. Collectively, everyone started laughing at him and his date looked mortified. It was one of the best moments of my life. Like, dude, you're at Applebee's. Chill." - u/LEAL4519

People who wear their pants down low

Woman not impressed

For whatever reason, they think it's cool to have baggy pants that show off their underwear. In addition to looking super uncomfortable, it's not fun to look at.

Having a loud car

Loud car
Giphy | HBO Max

"My roommate got some weird [expletive] put on his car so it sounds like a diesel engine and a loud one at that. He thinks it so cool that people a mile away can hear it but nobody has ever said anything good about it and we all make fun of him for it behind his back." -u/GuyMansworth


Unsplash | Rubén Bagüés

It's hard to believe that people think vaping makes them look cool. The only exception that would potentially count is if someone is using it to quit smoking.

White sunglasses

White sunglasses
Giphy | Food Network

"This is an awful and not necessarily accurate generalization, but it just screams 'douche' to me. Not all people who wear white sunglasses are douches, but all douches seems to have a pair of white sunglasses." - u/Echo_Romeo571

Not caring about anything

Man yawning
Unsplash | Sammy Williams

These kind of people think they're too cool to take anything seriously, whether that's school, relationships, or a hobby.

Doing so makes them incredibly boring and, as one Redditor pointed out, the kind of person who you don't want to have a conversation with.

Being rude and condescending to service workers

Giphy | CBC

"In high school it was so fun to fool around sometimes, but as a waiter now when people like to jokingly [expletive] around it makes an impression you don’t want to have people think about you." - u/KeyProperty2134

Driving around with super loud music playing in your car

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

The rest of the world shouldn't be forced to listen to your poor music taste! It’s extremely tacky, annoying, and even dangerous since it's important to hear traffic in order to drive safely.

Driving like a maniac

Driving like a maniac

This includes speeding in busy streets, weaving in and out of traffic, and not using turn signals. It's fine to like speed, but save it for the video games. Killing someone by driving dangerously isn't cool.

Extra bright LED headlights

LED headlights
Unsplash | Pascal Frei

"That's a fantastic way to send me into a rage. I know newer cars come with those obnoxious lights, but some people purposely put them on their vehicle. I had an old coworkers say that he put them on intentionally to be a [expletive]. Either way, I hate it." - u/glittered437737

H/T: Reddit

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