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Husband Tries To Trick Wife Into 'Game' That Involves Signing Papers Blindfolded

When a couple is getting married, one of the most common things they'll promise each other is that they won't keep any secrets.

But of course, it's unrealistic to think that everybody is going to follow that code so infidelity and other dark secrets can often impact marriages just as much as they can any other kind of relationship.

As disappointing as it is when this happens, however, it's almost worse when it's clear that your spouse is hiding something but simply refuses to reveal what it is.

And in the case of a worrying recent dynamic in one woman's relationship, that's especially true when it seems like that spouse is planning something sinister.

In the time since a woman was discharged from the hospital for an unspecified chronic illness, her husband has been keen to introduce her to a game.

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As she explained in a Reddit post, this game takes place just about every evening and involves doing activities while blindfolded, such as jigsaw puzzles and Rubix cubes.

Since they take turns doing it and it always seemed to be purely for entertainment, one might think this was just a way to lift her spirits after her hospital visit.

And since the husband was apparently the only one who has stuck by this woman lately as her own family didn't visit her in the hospital, it sounds like she has a lot to take her mind off of.

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However, recent days have seen this game take a different turn as he's been trying to get her to sign papers while blindfolded.

In the woman's words, "He says that he was just trying to see if I could leave the same signature everytime I sign but I couldn't help feel uncomfortable."

And that feeling deepened for her when he dropped the subject as soon as she asked to see those papers.

Yet it was only a day later that he started pressuring her to play this game again, this time offering to go first.

Bryan Cranston arguing with Anna Gunn as Walter White
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As she put it, "I asked if he was going to show me what I was going to sign and he made a face and said no, it's the rules and I should respect them."

And when she refused for that very reason, he accused her of acting suspicious and worried for no reason. He also said he was hurt that she didn't trust him after all they've been through together.

With this in mind, the woman is wondering if she's being paranoid and unduly hurting her husband's feelings.

But when she reached out to Reddit for other perspectives, those who replied were even more worried about his intentions than she was.

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As one user said, "The fact that he won’t let you see your signature is a huge red flag. I’m concerned that all of the games he introduced you to were just a way of conditioning you to believe the signature is innocent."

Others agreed and even went as far as to worry that the husband was trying to take out a life insurance policy for nefarious reasons.

In the words of another user, "This is extremely suspicious. Obviously he wants you to sign on something important… Financial documents, loan, will, property, divorce papers???? List could be endless…"

Unfortunately, it's unclear what has since happened in this situation, but we can only hope that the woman is keeping up her refusal to sign anything blindfolded.

h/t: Reddit | ThrowRAissuesRA

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