20 Times People Should Just Stay In Bed Until The Bad Luck Fairy Goes Away

Ashley Hunte
A kitchen with a collapsed ceiling. The drywall from the ceiling is all over the floor and on top of furniture.
Reddit | Station28

Bad days really suck. There are just some times when it feels like the universe is doing everything it can to make you as miserable as possible.

If you clicked on this list, here's hoping you're having a (mostly) okay day. Or at the very least, one that's going somewhat better than the days the people in these pics are having.

"My ceiling fan pull chain just broke…"

A ceiling fan, where one pull chain is detached and in a person's hand.
Reddit | Cursed_Wombat

I'm not gonna lie, ceiling fans have always kind of confused me. And honestly, a broken one just seems even more confusing.

I guess it's time for a new light.

"A squirrel decided my car was a good place to nest… and sharpen its teeth."

A hand holding up a bit of chewed wire coming from the hood of a car with a visible nest in it.
Reddit | TheOneAndOnlyMaestro

You'd think, with the amount of people who post online about their cars getting overrun by rodents, that this happens a lot. But nope, just to those of us who are extra unlucky.

"Broke my Apple Watch today."

A person holding an Apple Watch over a bathroom sink. The face of the watch is cracked from damage.
reddit | starsailor11

I guess Apple Watches have the exact same problems iPhones (and iPods before them) have: those screens are nice and easy to break. And it's always tragic when you see a cracked Apple screen of any kind.

"Kid used my PlayStation headphones and pushed the port in, had 'em for a month."

A pair of headphones where the charging port has been impacted.
Reddit | wideout3485

I'm sure the kid didn't mean to be so rough with those headphones. But like, that's also why you probably shouldn't let your kids mess around with expensive gear.

"Puppy found the AirPods. He’s lucky he’s pretty."

An outstretched hand holding bits of a white Airpod case and AirPods that have been destroyed.
Reddit | FalseChemistry4555

It's funny how dogs will pick up and destroy the most random things for, like, no reason. Sometimes, dogs like to take stuff that belongs to their people and rip them up, and there's nothing we can do about it beyond more training and keeping things out of reach.

"Ordered a GPU on eBay, and the post office man (or truck tire) handled it."

A completely destroyed MSI brand computer GPU.
Reddit | TwistedCollossus

It looks like somebody didn't want this person to have a GPU that works. Or, like, one that came in one piece.

I bet they got scammed by the seller. Or maybe the delivery person has a vendetta against computer parts.

"I was so excited to try this new yogurt."

The back side of the foil on a new yogurt cup, which has a large spot of mold on it.
Reddit | muazu0

I guess it's better to find the mold and not eat the yogurt, then to get, like, halfway through and then realize there's mold in it. Either way, it really sucks.

"Can you spot what I bit into and chipped my tooth?"

A half-eaten chicken sandwich with a screw inside of it.

There's literally never a good time to find a screw in your food. That's, like, basically a guarantee you'll chip a tooth. And you won't even get to finish your food!

"Coworker drained hot fryer oil into plastic container and flooded the kitchen."

A Styrofoam container with a brown, melted patch made by hot oil.
Reddit | Logman02

I don't know who needs to hear this, but plastic, Styrofoam, or anything of that kind doesn't mix with hot oil. In fact, maybe just stay away from hot oil altogether if you can.

"16 year old daughter said she bumped a trash can."

A sideways photo of a dumpster enclosure, where the bottom fencing is completely broken off.
Reddit | snakechopper

I guess she was just trying to soften the blow, because telling your parent that you crashed your car into a dumpster enclosure sounds way harsher.

"Someone's having a bad day I guess."

A single AirPod on the ground in a park.
Reddit | Lolanbrale

I always wondered how people lose just one AirPod. Like, wouldn't you feel it fall out of your ear?

Either way, this still really sucks.

"Had our apartment and the one below us flood due to a shoddy repair job on our bathtub. Have to vacate it today to have it all fixed."

A large tree that's fallen in front of an outdoor staircase.
Reddit | NonConformistFlamingo

"Then last night, a giant tree fell in the courtyard and blocked the stairs."

It seems like this is a whole comedy of errors. Which isn't really much of a comedy in any case.

"Glasses fell off wrestling the dog."

A pair of glasses atop a tissue on a table. One of the lenses is scratched.
Reddit | 2Old2BLoved

I guess it's maybe a good idea to take your glasses off if you're going to be wrestling with the dog. Or, like, maybe get one of those chains that keep the glasses around your neck?

"Someone’s car at my university. Looks like someone hit it and left."

A car in a parking lot. The front bumper is completely destroyed.
Reddit | cecusanele

That absolutely happened while the car was parked. I feel bad for whoever owns this car, because they're about to be in for the shock of their life...

"Someone crashed through a stop sign and hit our fence while I was in a meeting."

The front yard of a house that's covered in snow. A fence off to the side is broken.
Reddit | orangeworker

I bet that whoever crashed into that fence didn't have any winter tires on their car. Or they just could've been a bad driver.

"I wanted some lemonade..."

A juice carton with a spout on one end. The spout has broken off, making the carton virtually unusable.
Reddit | karembo212

Yeah, that really sucks. It feels like a bad omen of some kind. Like, your day is about to get a lot worse, and pretty quickly, too.

"Driving 50 MPH down the road, tree falls on my car out of nowhere."

A car whose front is completely decimated.
Reddit | Antiwrath

On the plus side, OP lived through this terrifying ordeal (though they did end up in the hospital).

And hopefully insurance will cover everything else.

"Left our totally normal house to run errands. Came back an hour and a half later to this."

A kitchen with a collapsed ceiling. The drywall from the ceiling is all over the floor and on top of furniture.
Reddit | Station28

I think it was probably better that OP wasn't home when this happened. At the very least, not being in the kitchen while it happened is a plus. But man, this really sucks. That wet sheetrock isn't a good sign.

"Got distracted after a quick nosh and left a plate on an end table. Hope the cat got a few licks off of it before he sent it crashing."

A broken plate on the ground in a room.
Reddit | DLoIsHere

Ah, cats. Those tiny little demons may be lovable, but they also love pushing fragile objects off tables and shelves. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.


A plastic fork where both the prongs and the handle have snapped off.
Reddit | Joowxy

The fact that the fork broke in not one, but two places is honestly kind of impressive. Like, this is probably one of the unluckiest things that could happen to you.

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