19 People Share Why They No Longer Talk To Certain Family Members

Sarah Kester
Sad man
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Cutting a family member off is not for the faint of heart. We're all taught that family is everything after all, and that blood is thicker than water. 

Turning your back causes a lot of guilt, turmoil, and fear. But it can also cause freedom. Here, 19 people share why they no longer talk to certain family members.

**TW: This article contains subject matter that may be sensitive to some readers.**

The positive vs. negative

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In toxic situations, there is usually a bit of positive that causes a person to stick around. The family could be funny or have a sweet spot deep down.

But this Reddit knew it was time to walk away from their narcissistic, controlling, and emotionally abusive family when there were no positive moments anymore with them, only negative ones.

The slap

Sad girl
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"I have a 54 year old great uncle that I cannot affiliate myself with anymore. I work with him, but at my job, when I was waiting in customers, he went and slapped my 16 year old girlfriends ass." - u/TDforbes32

The disagreement

Shameless family on stairs
TV Insider | Fx

When this Redditor and his wife had a small disagreement about their infant son while on a vacation, he witnessed their mom's toxic behavior.

She took him aside and suggested that he take his son to a hotel for a little while to teach his wife a lesson. Thankfully, the Redditor didn't listen. Instead, he replied that someone who had been divorced three times should be giving marital advice.

The adopted brother

Feeling sad

"Got a 14 year old drunk and had sex with her and filmed it. He was 21 at the time. He went to prison for 3 years. He is out now and keeps trying to contact us but all of us block him." -u/Irrationate

The money

Friends family at wedding
Vulture | NBC

This Redditor had it with his mom's side of the family after they judged him based on how much money he makes. Since they're all rich, they criticize him on it every time they see him.

The ashes

Unsplash | Egor Myznik

"Six months after losing our youngest brother, my sister told me that my mom didn't want me to have his ashes — and said to give me ashes out of one of the urns donated to the thrift store she worked at instead. We haven't talked since. Pretty sure I'm better off." - amajef7879

The thieves

Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

While working at a Fortune 500 company ensures good pay, that didn't stop this brother from taking the money their sister was giving to their parents each month.

The cheater

Man and woman cheating
Insider | AMC

"When my soon-to-be ex-husband confirmed that he and my sister had fooled around, after we were married and had our first child. She only told me about it when she was pissed I couldn't make it to her wedding dress shopping because I was pregnant with my second child, and she called me in a rage and told me about it." - anonymous

The runaway

Woman crying

This Redditor's dad decided to leave their family, hitting them both emotionally and financially. The family was stuck paying for his missed mortgage payments and bills. But once COVID-19 hit, he tried to return the family. They didn't respond.

The notes

Unsplash | David Travis

"My grandma, who raised me, died in 2019. My heart broke when she died, and I lost it for awhile. Her husband tore the pages in her handwritten will that mentioned me, my aunt, my mom, and my siblings. I haven’t spoken to him since the day of her funeral." - u/mj2005

The brother

Man and woman sitting
Insider | ABC

A brother is supposed to have your back, not try and sleep with your wife. Sadly, this happened when this Redditor and his wife separated for a while.

When the brother was at the bar for their sister's birthday, he spent the night trying to convince his brother's wife into sleeping with him.

The stolen identity

Mother and daughter
Unsplash | J W

"My mom stole my identity when I turned 18. I found out during my freshman year of college, and it was such a headache to get everything cleared. She wasn’t even apologetic. I got therapy, set boundaries, and we still talk, but we will never have a normal mother-daughter relationship." - anonymous

The scratch

Women fighting
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Putting your hands on someone is never okay. So this Redditor was justified to walk away from her sister when she scratched her eye when she was driving her to get groceries. The car swerved and they ended up crashing.

The anger

Two girls upset
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"My sister was my best friend, but I had to cut her off because of how she treated me when she was angry. The verbal and emotional abuse was just too much, and I needed to let her go to live a peaceful life. Cutting a family member off is not for the faint of heart." - u/cheurung0127

The army brat

Two sisters on couch
Teen Vogue | Paramount

This Redditor's sister is in the army, which means that she's away from home for long periods of time.

Well, when she was coming home for a few weeks, the Redditor was so excited to see her. But she ended up seeing everyone else except her sister. Ouch.

The fraud

Woman suspicious
Giphy | CBC

"After tolerating my mother's toxicity, lying, and jealousy for years, the breaking point was when she lied about having cancer. I went to the appointments with her, and everyone said she DIDN'T have ovarian cancer and just needed a D&C (dilation and curettage) because she hadn't been to a gynecologist since 1962." - anonymous

The pain killers

Pain killers
Unsplash | Thought Catalog

When this Redditor's cousin and their daughter were living rent-free with the Redditor's grandparents, they stole their grandmother’s painkillers after her knee surgery and replaced them with vitamin C pills. Sadly, they ended up selling the painkillers.

The funeral

Unsplash | Mayron Oliveira

"When none of my family came to my dad's funeral, even though they had an entire month to make it work (he was cremated, so that his remains could be transported to another state). My sister tries to explain it as 'Dad wouldn't have wanted a fuss,' but you pay your respects. Period. I am so done with that side of the family." - anonymous

The tornado


"Cut off my brother-in-law for not answering our many calls the night we needed a place to stay after our home was destroyed by a tornado and hailstorm. Weeks later, he said he and his girlfriend didn’t answer because they had to be in bed early so they could go to work the next day." - anonymous

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