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Flight Attendant Tells Passengers To Never Switch Seats Without Telling The Crew In Video

Sometimes flights become nightmares when we can't get the seat we want. Whether it's because we're squished into a small spot, missed that coveted window seat, or can't be seated by our loved ones, it's tempting to find someone to exchange seats with. However, one flight attendant revealed on TikTok that swapping seats can actually endanger everyone on board.

Planes need to have a certain weight ratio.

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We have to admit, we're not always the most math savvy. Fortunately, it doesn't take a mathematician to understand how flight attendant and TikTok user, Serenity, breaks down weight and balance checks flight attendance must perform before a plane ascends. It's all about making sure the balance of the plane is "okay for take-off."

Weight variations can throw the plane off balance.

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Serenity explained that before flights take off, the flight team does a check to make sure that the plane isn't too heavy or light on both sides. This ensures that the plane will maintain a steady course without being weighed down when it's taking off. When people swap seats without telling a flight attendant, they can increase the chance of an accident due to a plane's unstable weight.

People in the comments believe this fact checks out.

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Both passengers and those that have worked on aircrafts explained why Serenity's advice rings true. The weight and balance check isn't something that's included during the plane safety walkthrough, so it's not as well-known to flyers. People may think it's an excuse to get them to sit down and make way for take-off sooner, but it seems realistic.

She clarifies that this only applies to regional planes.

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Now, we're definitely no plane experts, but regional planes are typically smaller and don't travel far compared to international planes. In fact, they're planes that usually have less than 100 seats, meaning they can only hold so much. From luggage to flyers, planes have a big job, and sometimes people are even asked to move seats to help the plane take-off. This may be confusing for some, but it's centered around safety.

Just because you ask to swap seats, that doesn't mean you'll get to.

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The main point that Serenity seems to be trying to fly home isn't just to ask before exchanging seats with someone, it's being ready to accept that the answer may be no. Not being granted this request isn't about flight attendants being mean or strict, but ensuring everyone is safe. They may allow people to switch seats later, but there's no guarantee. The journey may not be ideal, but it's better than causing a series safety risk.

Her TikTok viewers appreciate this fact.

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With 10,200 followers, over 5,000 likes and over 100 comments, people are finding this fact helpful. One person wrote, "Thanks for this not only are we risking our self but everyone else!" as a show of appreciation.

These requirements sometimes send people to first class.

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As it turns out, this requirement sometimes works in people's favor and they get bumped up to a better flying class to help the plane stay balanced. We can't think of a better deal than having a safer take-off and a more luxurious ride with no additional fees. It's basically a story you can tell forever.

This is worth sharing with your loved ones

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Since this isn't common knowledge and everyone isn't on TikTok, you may want to spread the word to others in case they don't know. After all, it wouldn't be a policy if it wasn't important. If more people knew, it could save a lot of confusion and maybe even a lot of lives.

Serenity has many more flight tips and facts.

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Serenity's TikTok channel is a one stop shop for lots of helpful flying tips and tricks, including how flight attendants prepare coffee on planes. She uses her insider experience to inform others on how they can be better flyers and stay clued in on what's going on during each flight. It may be corny to say this, but she's definitely using TikTok to take flying facts to new heights.

Keep this in mind during your next flight.

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It always helps to stay as informed as possible, even if you've never asked to move seats. You have the ability to tell someone else who may be caught off guard when they suddenly have to switch seats or when their swapping request is quickly denied.

Let us know what you think of the weight and balance regional plane rules and if you've ever had difficulties with seat swapping on a plane.

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