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The Creator Of 'Love Is Blind' Set The Record Straight On Those Gold Wine Glasses

To say the least, Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 2 is quite the wild ride with some streamy romances, some off-screen marriage engagements, and all kinds of things going down in those pods. However, the show has an army of unexpected stars -- -the golden wine glasses. For some reason, the choice beverage holders of the show are giant matte gold wine glasses. People are wondering where these unusual glasses came from and why they're such a thing on the show. Fortunately, show creator, Chris Coelen decided to dish why these gold wine glasses as such a staple on the show. However, some people still aren't satisfied.

They just kept showing up.

People went from casually noticing them to eventually associating the glasses with Love Is Blind. Then, little surprise to anyone, the jokes began. People couldn't figure out where the show's obsession with these glasses even came from, and some joked about a possible deal the series made to advertise them.

There's never a scene without them.

People can't even get into the show without the golden wine glasses constantly haunting the stars. Some even joked that the showrunners carry them around everywhere they go and won't allow the anyone on-camera to drink from anything else.

The wine glasses took on a life of their own.

Fans have joked that the wine glasses deserve to be listed in the show's credits and even offered some key interview opportunities for their work on the season. While many follow the show for the entertaining reality TV love stories, the bigger love story may just be between the show creator and gold wine glasses.

It turns out, the show creator just likes having them.

Show creator, Chris Coelen explained during a Variety interview that he likes the look of the glasses and believes it makes the show stand out.

"I don’t know, it’s something I like. When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show," Coelen said, "It’s a very authentic, really true following of these people’s journeys, but I like the fact that we have this sort of connective tissue with that in a really light way, it’s fun."

Unfortunately, people still aren't on board.

Some people prefer their own theories

There are many that just don't buy Coelen's reasoning and think something else may be going on. Amanda Mull took to Twitter to voice her theory, and it actually makes a lot of sense. If audiences can't see what's in the drinks or any detectible change in what's in them (or not in them), reality TV wins. It's the show's not so subtle way of keeping people in the dark about edits and different filming days. What's supposed to all be in one day could be several days with various drinks, but people would never know because the opaque glass hides it.

The wine glasses show just how fake reality TV is

Maybe we can believe the gold wine glasses showing up during special excursions and trips, but for them to be at home and in every single crevice of the show, is doubtful. Reality TV typically fails to reflect true reality when adding a ton of gimmicks and unnatural quirks.

The glasses are making people angry

Few people are finding these enormous golden glasses endearing as they continue to show up without any reason. Audiences often want to relax and enjoy the plot of their favorite shows, not start counting how many gold glasses appear in each episode because they're just always randomly there. Just the sight of them is getting a lot of resentment.

Others, are simply intrigued

There must be a deeper reason behind these cups, right? It's all too simple for the creator just to like them — at least that's what many think. People are looking for what the glasses must represent on a larger scale, which may be a losing battle.

People wonder if they'll see the glasses again after the show ends

While people have become accustomed to seeing the golden wine glasses every five seconds during the show, what happens to them when the season ends on February 25, 2022? Well, few no the answer to that question, but this Twitter user suspects they'll be out of the job.

Viewers can actually buy their own gold wine glasses

a man and woman eating dinner with gold wine glasses

It's hardly shocking, but fans of the wine glasses can purchase their own on Amazon. Whether it's because they also just love them or want to play a sick sadistic prank on someone by placing them all over the house---they can bring them home for around $27. We're pretty sure that means they're not actual gold, but they may be just what people need for their Love Is Blind finale parties.

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