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A Pregnant Woman Has Gone Viral For Capturing Her Baby Bump Dropping

There are many parts of pregnancy that women might be surprised to go through, especially if it's their first time. While some things are common knowledge, some smaller things aren't talked about as much, so until it happens to you when you're pregnant, you might have never believed it.

Thanks to TikTok, Facebook, and other social media sites like Reddit, all soon-to-be mothers can share the knowledge wealth and tell us all about milestones in pregnancy that women can look for and know.

One thing women don't always know about is the "drop" that happens towards the end of pregnancy.

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Clearly, the word drop is something that is almost scary to think about and consider. But don't worry, it's really nothing that bad. It's just something that a lot of women may be surprised happens to them.

But, it turns out, the drop is totally normal.

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The pregnancy drop, which happens to many women (but not all women) is the moment towards the end of your pregnancy where the baby settles and "drops" towards the end of the mother's pelvis. It happens at the end of the third trimester and it usually indicates that the baby is getting into position and ready for delivery.

If you pay close enough attention to your bump, you can literally see when the baby moves.

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This is different from the baby kicking. The baby is literally moving into position and letting your body know that they're coming. And, if you pay close enough attention to your bump, you can probably catch the moment when your baby is dropping. Recently, one mom actually caught it on camera.

TikTok user and mom-to-be Nabs shared the video on her page.

TikTok | TikTok l nabby.nabs

The video, which has been viewed over 5 million times, shows the mom and her baby bump—which drops while she was filming the video. She even notices that her belly drops and makes a face, but don't worry, everything is okay.

Then, 48-hours later, she showed how much the bump dropped off entirely.

Tiktok | TikTok l nabby.nabs

The TikTok user also showed what her baby bump looked like 48-hours after she filmed the "drop" video. As you can see, the baby bump is noticeably a lot lower.

To clarify to her viewers, Nabs shared where she was in her pregnancy journey.

Unsplash | Ömürden Cengiz

As many women asked, Nabs answered, "Love to see all these beautiful comments!! To note a FAQ, the vid is at 38w/3d & pic at 38w/5d. I’m 39w currently (10/8)." This is the end of Nabs' third trimester, around the time when many other women experience their "drop."

People online were fascinated by the video.

Unsplash | Neal E. Johnson

Some women said that they, themselves, have experienced the drop in their pregnancy, but they hadn't noticed it right away. But when they did notice, they knew they were nearing the end of their pregnancy.

Others commented on things they noticed in the video.

Unsplash | Fabian Møller

"I feel like that whoa was partially the drop and partially the ability to breathe a little better all of a sudden," said one TikTok user. Nabs commented back saying yes, she almost forgot what oxygen felt like.

However, many women on TikTok were floored by the drop.

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Many women, some who had not ever been pregnant or had children yet, said that they had no idea that women even go through this. Many were freaked out entirely and some said that the video and this experience "shows why they're too scared to have kids."

However, many wished Nabs luck in her labor and delivery.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

Knowing that the drop is what happens when you are getting ready to deliver your baby, tons of commenters wished Nabs good luck for the painless and healthy delivery of her baby.

This is definitely an amazing moment to have—I wonder if she'll also show her child to us!

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