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Military Wife Renovated Her Home By Herself As A Surprise For Her Husband

Many people like to purchase homes that need a bit of work and TLC so that they can buy the house for less. Older homes that need work done always sell for far less money than homes that are completely renovated and brand new.

It just so happens that in the current housing market, houses are astronomically priced and hard to come by unless you have a substantial amount of money to put down.

For buyers, the housing market is pretty steep right now.

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According to sources, the housing market currently is going to "crush" buyers, as the market has hit a 22% spike in residential real estate prices. It has taken a toll on tons of people, who want to move into a gorgeous new home. Instead, many buy older ones that need some love and some work.

However, that work can also be expensive.

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Even if you try to buy homes that are older and need a bit more love, getting contractors to do the work that the home needs can be incredibly expensive—unless, of course, you have a family friend to do it. Instead, many will try to "handy" themselves to do it, too, like DIY projects.

Knowing your way around tools and home repair can be beneficial.

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Knowing your way around tools and how to repair homes can be very beneficial when you are looking to redo things in your home. However, it's not so easy to learn how to do and many times, people rely on the men of the house to do the hard labor. But, not everyone is able to have a man do things for them.

One TikTok user recently shared that she was doing all the hard work herself.

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TikTok user East Coast DIY shared that her husband was away for a year for military duty in the army. While he was gone, she decided to work on their home. But, she didn't hire a contractor to do it, or a company to outsource. Instead, she did it all on her own.

She decided to document her DIY journey on TikTok.

TikTok | TikTok l eastcoastdiy

She decided to share her videos of DIY projects on TikTok and over time, she began to gain a lot of followers. By the time her husband was coming home, she had gained over 4 million followers who were loving all of her home renovations and how much work she put into it.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, this mom has done it all.

From banging down walls to using saws, hammers, and a ton of wood, this mom clearly has a gift for DIY. While not all women know their way around some power tools, we have never seen someone go so hard and do it so well. The outcome of her projects was absolutely to die for.

And, when her husband came home, he was totally blown away.

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She shared her husband's homecoming on TikTok, as well, and people were totally floored, along with her husband, who couldn't believe that she had done all of the work in their house on her own. Her husband was so shocked, and could not stop smiling.

He was blown away by every room.

As her husband went room by room, he couldn't believe how his wife had remodeled their home. He was trying to place what used to be where and what rooms used to be what—seeing that they turned their old laundry room into one of their daughter's rooms.

And, the wife had a "surprise" for him, as well.

TikTok | TikTok l eastcoastdiy

At the end of their house tour his wife surprised her husband that the final two projects that they had to work on, she saved so they can work on them together. And, her husband was so excited about it!

It goes to show you, women can do it all.

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As many users on TikTok point out, women are superheroes that can do a lot when they put their mind to it. Not only did this mom take care of all of their children while her husband was away for duty, but she also turned their home into a gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy living space. We love her!

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