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Woman's Ex Named Their Daughter After The Woman He Cheated With

There are a lot of secrets that can come out in your life that you really wish you had never known or heard about. Sometimes, we find things out that just don't add up.

We would probably rather go through life not knowing where things came from—like the name that our baby daddy/boyfriend chose for our oldest daughter. Or, that happens to be the case for one TikTok user.

Some of us were young and naive in our early years.

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Many of us go through a lot in our youth where we are young and naive and make some poor choices—or, ignore some red flags. Down the road, we pay for this later on when the truth comes out. Whether or not we wanted to know, when we do find out, it's not any easier.

TikTok user Elizabeth Smith shared a story of some hurt she went through herself.

Her oldest daughter, who she had with a man she had been together with at the time, was named by her father. Not knowing where the name came from, Elizabeth didn't think much of it. But, later in life, she found out why her daughter was named that.

Turns out, her daughter was named "Kaylie," after a person her baby daddy knew.

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The person, however, happened to be the woman that her baby daddy was cheating on her with. Yikes—that is cold and terrible. Now, every time Elizabeth talks to her daughter, Kaylie, she's constantly reminded of the situation and how her daughter's father is a total jerk.

This isn't the only time that Elizabeth has been burned by an ex.

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Elizabeth, who is very active on TikTok sharing stories about her life, shared a couple of more stories with followers and viewers about her exes who seem to really just burn her over and over again. In another video, Elizabeth shared how her ex had hurt her while she was in labor.

In a video, Elizabeth shared that she was in labor and went to the hospital.

She had asked her boyfriend at the time to run home and grab her blanket because it would make her more comfortable to have something of her own with her at the hospital. But, when he left with her mother, they were gone for quite some time.

It had been two hours since they had left.

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Elizabeth shared the hospital is not far from their homes where they live, so she couldn't imagine why it was taking so long. Turns out, her boyfriend and mother were off, doing it. Sleeping together. While she was in labor at the hospital with their child.

Clearly, this is the worst kind of cheating.

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Being cheated on hurts. But, being cheated on while you are in the middle of giving birth to your child and finding out later that not only did he cheat, he cheated with your mother—that is just an entire story that I cannot wrap my head around. At all.

The two were "drunk."

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She shared she had gone into labor while at a party at her cousin's house, where people were drinking. Both her boyfriend at the time and her mother were drunk, but that doesn't excuse them sleeping together. Nope!

Elizabeth shared that her "ex" is a terrible dad.

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She said that her ex is a "deadbeat" and doesn't do anything for his daughters at all. On top of this, he is the one who told Elizabeth about sleeping with her mother. He does it whenever they fight to "throw it in her face" and make her feel bad about herself.

Elizabeth said she did reconcile with her mother.

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For the sake of her children and their relationship with their grandmother, Elizabeth reconciled with her mother to allow their relationship to keep existing. However, it has to be painful to know your own mother can burn you in such a way.

Fortunately, Elizabeth is in a happy and healthy relationship with a good guy.

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In her videos, Elizabeth does share that although her exes have burned her, she has found love in someone who treats her right. The two have been together for 10 years now, and she is happier than she has ever been. Good for her! We're glad she found a Prince amongst these jerks!

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