'Arthur' Finishes With A Fast-Forward Scene Where The Characters Are Adults

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Characters of Arthur TV show as adults
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It's always sad when a fan-favorite TV show comes to an end. Am I right? After all, many audiences have grown up watching it for quite some years. I witnessed that a few times myself when some of my favorite shows ended.

And it's always so fascinating to me to see how the creators have chosen to end the series, which is the case with the iconic children's show Arthur.

If you watched 'Arthur' you know these facts.

Arthur TV show
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The show has always been quite the teacher of life lessons, a beacon of musical innovation, and a reason for many viral memes. So it must've been hard for the fans to say goodbye to their favorite show.

So I'm sure the creator took all that to heart.

Screenshot from Arthur the show series finale
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After 25 years on air and Arthur being TV's longest-running children's animated show, it had to come to a close. The show started with the gang finding a fortune-telling game. And then it goes on in a Harry Potter-style fast-forward to 20 years in the future with the kids grown up.

Now, we see all the beloved characters as adults.

Titular character of 'Arthur' as child and adult
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So, let's look at what happened to these favorite characters. Shall we? As we should, let's start with Arthur. He's now a graphic novelist with hair, ha, ha. Boy, that's quite the change for him, huh? And get this, he's written a memoir of his life. It's quite fitting. Don't you think?

What about Arthur's best bud, Buster?

Buster character as young and old
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Well, now he's actually an English teacher. And many of the long-running show's fans were probably not surprised that he sounds pretty much the same. I guess some things never change. But that can be a good thing, no?

How about Francine?

Francine character from Arthur as a child and grown up
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In this case, I'm sure many fans were shocked to see Francine's bob gone. She replaced it with a sophisticated hairdo fitting of a fancy shoe designer. I guess she's really embracing who she always was inside. Am I right?

Let's look at Muffy

Muffy character from Arthur as child and adult
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Check this out. Fan-favorite Muffy is now a politician running for mayor of Elwood City. Say what? Aww, are you telling me she didn't end up being a band manager á la the episode "Arthur – It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" after all? Oh, well, I'm sure she'll make a great mayor.

What about D.W., Arthur's little sister?

D.W. character from Arthur as child and adult
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Remember how D.W. always liked to boss people around? Well, it's very fitting now that you see her in the future as she is a traffic cop, ha, ha. I think that profession suits her very much. Do you agree with that? She even gives a ticket to her childhood friend Bud in the episode.

And that leaves us with George.

George character from Arthur as child and adult
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What is he up to now? Here's probably the most surprising thing of all. Often considered a shy boy, George now owns The Sugar Bowl dessert shop. Let's hope that the business is going well for him — I'm sure he and Wally do live shows there from time to time.

Oh my goodness!

Characters of Arthur the animated show as adults
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How wonderful is that? Do you enjoy it when TV shows give you a glimpse of the future when they decide to end their run? I sure do. I literally bawled my eyes when I watched the last episode of Six Feet Under. So I can understand how fans of this beloved animated show must have loved this wrap-up.

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