mom waving at reporter from car
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Reporter's Broadcast Gets Interrupted By His Own Mom In Wholesome Viral Clip

It's not exactly unusual for a reporter's segment to be interrupted by a member of the public, and it's rarely a comforting experience for them.

Not only is this because they're trying to meet what is likely a tight deadline (and that's when they're not actually live), but it's sadly not uncommon for these passers-by to harass them or make them feel unsafe in other ways. In one case, a reporter was even hit by a car during a live feed, though she was fortunately OK.

For all of these reasons, it was a welcome change of pace for so many that one grumpy journalist's report was interrupted by his own loving mother.

It's unclear exactly what ABC 6 reporter Myles Harris was covering on February 22, but it wasn't long before he was distracted.

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In a video he would post on Instagram, Harris can quickly be seen staring off-camera to the left and raising his arms to his sides in annoyance.

Finally, he turns to his cameraman D'Angelo and points at what distracted him, saying, "This is my mom, hold on."

reporter pointing off-camera during report
instagram | @mylestharris

Based on what he would later say to her, it seems that she had been calling his phone repeatedly while he was trying to conduct his report.

So while he seemed a little amused to see her when she pulled up, that's probably why he was also a little annoyed.

mom waves at reporter from car
instagram | @mylestharris

Plus, there's often a bit of a Pavlovian response when your mom pulls up and yells "hi baby" in front of your friends. A lot of us can remember feeling a little teenage embarrassment at that one.

Still, Harris soon accepts his mom's utter wholesomeness and motions to D'Angelo, saying "you can say hi."

And as we can see in the full video, she's just as excited to see D'Angelo.

After he tells her not to hold up the cars behind her, his mom blows him a good-natured kiss and drives off.

But while Harris seemed a little mortified that D'Angelo recorded the whole exchange, he obviously knew he had some gold on his hands and posted the adorable clip to Instagram.

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