An unfinished room in a house, where the walls are peeling and exposing brick underneath.
Unsplash | Anton Murygin

20 Times People's Homes Seriously Seemed To Be Out To Get Them

In this crazy world, the one place we can expect to be safe is in our own homes. But sometimes, our homes have different ideas. Whether it be from an attempt at a DIY project or overall shoddy workmanship on the builder's parts, there are times when it really feels like our homes our out to get us.

And if these pics tell us one thing, it's that no one's safe.

"Left our totally normal house to run errands. Came back an hour and a half later to this."

The kitchen of a house, with brown cabinets and black countertops. The entire ceiling in the room has collapsed, with the drywall on the ground and on top of a table. The ceiling rafters and electrical wiring are exposed.
Reddit | Station28

I guess I'd rather this happen when I wasn't home, then while I was in the kitchen. Not much of a consolation, but a small victory, I guess.

"It was all good for two years and suddenly…"

A room with a shelving unit spanning the back wall. In the middle of the unit, part of the drywall has torn off, and a television with a bracket attached to the torn drywall sits on the floor below.
Reddit | Viscommie

It looks like that bracket was on a stud, but I guess even that won't guarantee your TV is gonna stay up forever. On the plus side, there's never a bad time to upgrade your entertainment space.

"My ceiling fan snapped."

A ceiling fan with one panel broken off, in a person's hand.
Reddit | goohugger555555

This ceiling fan decided that it just wasn't feeling it anymore. I'm guessing the fan wasn't running when the blade fell, or else that would've been one dangerous mishap.

"Microwave handle broke when I went to open the door today... $200 part..."

A person holding a microwave handle that's snapped off the appliance.
Reddit | struck21

It almost feels like this microwave just didn't want to be used anymore. Especially if it costs 200 bucks to replace it. You could get a new microwave for that money!

"Spent 2 hours installing a clothes hanger at my mom's place. Just realized the cabinet on the left doesn't open now..."

The wall of a laundry room. Next to one cabinet door along a corner, a rod rests.
Reddit | ThiccAsThief

Sometimes you don't realize how badly you messed up until you take a step back and look at what you just did. This is absolutely one of those times.

"Been using this chair for over 11 years. It finally gave its last dying breath yesterday during a mass cleaning."

A blue, wooden chair. The back rest has broken off the seat, which is worn from use.
Reddit | ThiccandSpicey37

It was broken during a cleaning session, and not while somebody was sitting in it (which would've been, like, a little funny). This feels like a sign from the universe. It's saying, get a new chair.

"Was cleaning out my storage boxes and found this behind them all."

The wall in a basement or garage. The bottom half is bubbling and tinted brown from water damage.
Reddit | Khlai

See, I'd be half tempted to just put the boxes back and pretend I never saw anything. But, uh, yeah, it would probably be better to get that fixed before it gets any worse.

"When the landlord who is also your husband's boss keeps saying he'll get someone out to fix the bathroom roof but this happens every time it rains."

The ceiling in a bathroom. A string of bubbles and leaking water has formed near the light.
Reddit | TiredMumma1029

That's the tricky part about having your (husband's) boss as your landlord. You can't exactly get angry when they won't send someone to fix your ceiling. And the ceiling just isn't having it right now.

"Accidentally locked myself in my room today and my roommate is not home of course."

A door in a room with a missing handle, making it unusable. The door is closed.
Reddit | b3_yourself

The door said, "No, you don't get to leave right now." And sometimes, you just have to accept that. No need to leave the house, or your room even. Being a hermit is where it's at.

"Mistakes where made."

A bathroom toilet where the area around the handle is broken. Next to the toilet, the handle sits inside a wrench.
Reddit | cdeezes

Don't you just love it when you go to fix your toilet, only to make things worse? If anything, this is a sign that you just need to go out and buy a new toilet.

"A storm broke my roof and made a puddle in my celling."

The ceiling in a room. A bubble made from water is visible from underneath the ceiling material.
Reddit | Active-Medicine7011

I think one of my biggest nightmares is having to deal with water damage coming from the roof. Looking up to find a bubble full of water in the ceiling? Terrifying.

"Lesson Learned. Pay Attention."

A completely dirty microwave. A cup of some kind of food sits inside.
Reddit | talizorahvasnerd

Yeah, you have to be pretty careful with microwaves. You can't just stick anything in there and hope it cooks.

OP is lucky the whole appliance didn't catch on fire, to be honest.

"Had to have our kitchen ceiling removed due to pretty intense water damage. Bathroom floorboards need replacing."

Boards in a ceiling that show signs of damage and bending.
Reddit | FireFerret1114

I bet you anything they've noticed a funny smell in the bathroom. No, nothing toilet related. It's all because of the mold that's definitely growing under the floor there.

"I go into my basement to discover there’s a hole in the wall that’s letting water in."

An unfinished basement with a white washer and dryer in the corner. The floor is almost completely covered in water.
Reddit | Flashy_Barracuda_793

On the plus side, OP discovered this before they ended up with a swimming pool in their basement. At the same time, though, how dare the house decide to just let all that water in.

"The ceiling in the garage of my new house. (build completed Jan28,2022)."

The ceiling in a garage, where a section is covered in visible water damage.
Reddit | elliott219

You expect this kind of stuff in old houses all the time. But this house is, like, new new. There shouldn't be any water damage.

Whoever built this house messed up real bad.

"My dad thought it would be an amazing idea to put bleach in the dishwasher. Here is the result."

The floor in a kitchen. The bottom half of a dishwasher is visible, with large amounts of foam leaking out of it.
Reddit | nintendo_fanatic

This dishwasher is not in a good mood right now. Somebody went and put bleach in it, and this is how it reacts. Maybe next time, OP's dad will remember to skip the bleach.

"When this falls it's gonna take an entire strip of the wallpaper with it."

A section of a wall next to a door, that's broken and at risk of completely toppling over.
Reddit | magenta_ruby

I think it might be better to pull that section off before it falls, because that already seems really dangerous. And, like, you never know when the house is gonna decide to let it all fall.

"In my House, when it rains outside, it rains inside. Yaay!"

A green ceiling with duct tape attached to a section that's broken and jutting out. Water can be seen leaking out of the broken section.
Reddit | TheCrowsNestTV

Having a house that shelters you from the rain is super overrated, right?

Well, not really. To be honest, this is actually terrifying. It's the duct tape for me.

"Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard."

The right half of a Lenovo keyboard. A streak of melted plastic cuts through the number pad and other keys.
Reddit | thecheesycheeselover

Most of us don't need to worry about the sun when we're safely indoors. But if you're close enough to a window, anything's possible.

The sun decided that this keyboard didn't need to be usable anymore.

"My father forgot to tell me the [renovators] would be taking the stairs out today."

A view of a house's staircase from the top. The steps are in the process of being removed by two renovators.
Reddit | murderouslyfunny.

On the plus side, there's probably a bathroom up there. Just get someone to throw you some food and hang out in your room, because you clearly aren't going anywhere any time soon.