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Matthew Perry's Memoir Won't 'Sugarcoat The Tougher Times' With His 'Friends' Costars

During its heyday, no show on television made audiences laugh like Friends. This pinnacle series helped to define '90s pop culture and is still hailed to this day as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

Recently, it was announced that Friends star, Matthew Perry, will be penning his own memoir detailing the highs and lows on the set of Friends. The book is packed with laughs and introspection and promises to hold nothing back.

All throughout the '90s and into the early '00s, no show on television was more popular than 'Friends'.

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Friends told the story of The Central Perk Six: an eclectic group of best friends, all living in Manhattan, New York, looking for love, family, and financial success in the most hilarious ways imaginable.

They brought laughter, joy, and the occasional tear to our eye for 10 incredible seasons.

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Friends wasn't just your average sitcom, it was an American institution. When the series finale aired, 52.5 million viewers tuned in — thus making it the 4th most-watched episode in television history.

What helped to separate 'Friends' from the rest of the pack was the fact that it was a true ensemble cast.

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Each character was different and fans all had their individual favorites. But whether fans fancied themselves as more of a Monica or a Rachel — there's no denying that nobody made us laugh quite like Chandler Bing.

Now, nearly 20 years since the final curtain call, 'Friends' star Matthew Perry is set to take us back to where it all began.

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It was recently announced that Matthew, aka The Chan-Chan Man, is set to release a tell-all memoir detailing his struggles with addiction, as well as his true feelings toward his Friends co-stars.

The 52-year-old Perry's book is titled "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing."

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Fans can expect to see the book hit shelves on November 1st, 2022. When Matthew was probed as to why he was releasing the book in the first place, he responded by saying that now was the time to set the record straight.

"So much has been written about me in the past. I thought it was time people heard from me," Matthew wrote via Instagram.

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Before apologizing for the fact that the memoir wasn't going to be a pop-up book, Matthew said "The highs were high, the lows were low. But I have lived to tell the tale, even though at times it looked like I wouldn’t. And it’s all in here."

According to a source close to Matthew, the memoir will attempt to clarify his feelings toward his 'Friends' co-stars.

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"It wasn’t always a bed of roses for Matthew on and off the Friends set," the source told Us Weekly, "and Matt isn’t going to sugarcoat the tougher times that he went through with the cast."

Matthew's memoir will also touch on his feelings regarding the much-talked-about 'Friends' reunion.

During the promo and in the wake of the reunion itself, fans began expressing their genuine concern for Matthew's well-being, after the star was shown slurring his words and staring blankly off into space.

"It’s not going to be salacious or mean, just totally honest,” the source explained.

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“But given the nature of Matt’s life and his experiences, that guarantees this will be an incredibly juicy read!” Could I be any more excited? No, I could not.

Not surprisingly, 'Friends' fans are already waiting with bated breath for a chance to dive into the memoir.

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"Wow can't wait to finally read your side of the story after all those years," wrote Instagram user @rupgmmb.

"Damn how am I supposed to NOT read this in Chandler Bings[sic] sarcastic tone??? Gonna be tough," joked @pcisna.

Hopefully, this book will be the cathartic experience Matthew needs in order to turn the page to new beginnings.

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For those fans who can't wait to get their hands on Matthew's memoir, you can pre-order a copy for yourself on Amazon. While you're at it, why not grab a couple of extras for all your friends?

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