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Disney Parks Employee Shares Common Mistakes Guests Make During Their Visit

While a trip to a Disney park usually means that there's a magical day in store, there are some rookie moves that Disney cast members are tired of seeing guests make. After all, that Disney goodness often comes at a heavy Disney price. Visitors can overpay, make beginner mistakes, and even ruin their park experiences if they fall into some of these common pitfalls. Here are 15 tried and true tips and tricks from seasoned Disney employees that everyone should know before their next Disney park visit.

1. Don't walk and text, especially on Main Street.

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Texting and walking at the same time is already a dangerous game anywhere, but at a Disney park on Main Street, it could have devastating consequences. There's nothing like a Disney traffic jam in the busiest area of the park, especially on a hot day. Not only will you delay yourself and others from fast frolicking, but it could also cause someone to get hurt with a massive (and sometimes sweaty) people collision. Not even wishing upon a star will get you out of that mess.

2. Ditch over-priced water bottles.

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It's no secret, the water bottles at Disney parks are expensive, when hydration shouldn't cost a fortune. Luckily, the Disney employees have the inside tricks and know that it's okay to ditch the plastic bottles and request a free cup of water. Yes, that's right, there are some free things at Disney. The quick-service dining areas around the parks have plenty of water cups to go around.

3. Get Disney swag elsewhere.

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It's true, there can be something special about getting Disney merch at the park---but the price tag isn't the special part. Disney merchandise is actually available at cheaper prices at stores like Walmart, Amazon, and more.

4. Don't use flash photography on rides.

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Sometimes rides are dark and you just want to get the perfect selfie during the big drop, but for the love of all that is Disneyland don't use the flash on your camera. It can scare or disorient other riders and it's also just annoying for people trying to enjoy the ride.

5. Don't wear flip-flops.

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Save the flip-flops for a beach day, but ditch them for Disney, because they will be your ultimate nightmare at the theme park. In addition to the blisters that your feet will endlessly endure — it's just gross. The ground of a theme park is not clean, it's probably one of the dirtiest places to be, with the risk of feet being trampled, toes stubbed and overall suffering to take place.

6. Don't fake injuries to skip lines.

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People actually fake injuries just to be able to use wheelchairs in the parks and get to skip lines — which is messed up. No one is a fan of long lines but accessibility accommodations were created to level the playing field for those that can't have the same experience as other park guests, not for extra perks. Wait your turn, and then enjoy the ride. 

7. Come prepared.

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There are so many basic things that cost an arm and a leg at the Disneyland, make sure to bring them from home to save on costs. This means packing your sunscreen, hand sanitizer, portable battery, medication, change of clothes and anything else that may be needed during your park adventures.

8. Get the Disney Park app.

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The Disney theme park experience isn't what it used to be, and now, it's all about utilizing technology for a better experience. The app can help you calculate ride wait times, order food for mobile pickup, access a map, find the times for parades and much more. It's kind of the ultimate genie guide for everything you could possibly need for your day at Disney.

9. Don't challenge height requirements.

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The Disney parks have a ton of options for people of all ages and heights, so there's no need to challenge the height requirements for bigger rides. Those requirements are there to maintain safety regulations and ensure nothing goes horribly wrong. Plus, they're a good excuse to opt out of the scary looking roller coasters.

10. Set a spending budget.

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There are SO many adorable things at the Disney parks and they can have us whipped into a frenzy. From the adorable ears to the dote-worthy baby Groot that can perch on your shoulder, it can get overwhelmingly tempting to spend your entire life savings — but don't. Make sure to set a Disney budget and get some goodies without getting carried away.

11. Skip getting a PhotoPass.

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While it can sound like a premium deal to purchase a PhotoPass, which means getting professional photos of your trip for a hefty fee, it's unnecessary. Rather than opting for an employee to use their professional camera, any PhotoPass employee would be happy to take pictures using your cell phone camera. If you have a smartphone, odds are, the quality will be just as good or even better.

12. Strategize your snacking time.

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It's hardly the Disney park experience if there aren't some tasty treats involved. However, rides and ooey gooey snacks don't always mix well. People often go for their heavy desserts and savory goodies before they hop on some rides — which leads to disaster. Instead, it may be wise to eat light and healthily before the rides and then be ready to chow down when you know you'll get some rest for awhile.

13. Skip the Disney resort if you'll mostly be at the park.

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While Disney resorts look glamorous, they won't be worth their cost if you're off enjoying the park all day. It's a waste of money just to use the Disney hotels as places to sleep. However, if you plan for some downtime, the resorts will be worth the while. 

14. Use the park map.

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In many cases, people enjoy ditching directions and finding things as they go, but the Disney parks aren't the places for that. When there are certain rides, parades and performances to see, there's no time to get lost. The Disney parks are massive and the maps are there for a reason, so be sure to use them.

15. Avoid parking costs.

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As if the tickets don't cost enough, parking is pretty costly as well. However, you can cut the costs by taking a shuttle from a hotel, riding the tram or even using public transit to get to the park. It may not be as convenient, but can give you more Disney park money to spend and include a satisfying exercise.

Let us know what you think of these tips and ticks in the comments and if any or all resonate with your Disney park goals.

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