Cat With No Eyes Has A New Life Now As An Online Sensation

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The internet loves adorable pets. From cats to dogs to bunnies, when we share our beloved and adorable pets with the social media frenzy that is TikTok, Instagram, or even Twitter, people respond beyond belief.

We all live such crazy and stressful lives, getting some "mental breaks" by watching videos of cats, dogs, and other pets online is just what we need to turn our days around. 

When pets and animals have unique features, things are even more special. 

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While we love pets and animals in general, those animals that are unique and different from the stereotypical pet are the ones we are always drawn to. Dogs and cats that are out of the ordinary, for whatever the reason may be, we just can't help but fall in love with them—even if we never meet them in person. 

Recently, one cat has become a social media favorite on TikTok. 

TikTok | TikTok l Moetblindcat

Moet, an eight-year-old Persian cat, has become a TikTok sensation and legend with thousands of fans online. Moet happens to be completely blind—and, not just blind, but has no eyeballs at all. Moet had lost both eyeballs after she suffered trauma in her early years. 

Moet was homeless in Oman.

Unsplash | Katerina Kerdi

Moet, the popular cat online, lost both eyes after she was living a hard life on the streets of Oman. She was living without any food, water, or even a place to stay warm and sleep. Due to her neglect, she had vision deterioration and lost both of her eyes.

When she was found, a local shelter rescued her.

A local charity rescued the cat, and she was later adopted by Emily Shotter, 51, from Nottingham, in 2015. The two created a beautiful bond and life together, one which Shotter was able to navigate with her now-blind companion. While rescuing a pet can be challenging, rescuing a blind pet can be even more so. 

Shotter noticed that Moet had a specific "squeak" to her meow.

With her vision impaired and non-existent, Moet had to communicate with her owner and caregiver somehow. And, her meow is just the ticket. However, her adorable little "squeak" meow was something that warmed Shotter's heart. So much so, she decided to share it with the rest of the world, too.

Her most viral video showcases how Moet wakes her up at night.

In one particular video, Shotter shares how her cat wakes her up at 3 AM, unsure what time of day it is because she has absolutely no vision. And, in the video, her adorable "squeak" meow can be heard front and center. Shotter put the scene to the music from Titanic, and it was an instant sensation. The video racked up over 17 million views. 

Shotter didn't think much of it.

Shotter thought that Moet's adorable and squeaky meow was too sweet not to share, but didn't expect it to go completely viral online on social media. Now, people from all over the world are loving and fawning over Moet and her sweet antics.

People online are truly in love with Moet.

TikTok | TikTok l Moetblindcat

TikTok commenters all over the world leave love and heartfelt praise for Moet all over Emily's TikTok channel. Some are so in love with the fluffy friend, that they say they would "die" for her. Others send love to Emily for being such a great "cat momma."

Sometimes, people will leave hateful comments though.

In some playful videos, Shotter will share that Moet gets "stuck" places because she cannot see or understand her surroundings. As a playful video, Emily will share online with captions like "mom, help! I'm stuck!" Sometimes people will tell Emily she's a "bad owner" for not helping her right away.

However, the cat owner lets everyone know "Moet is 100% loved for and cared for."

TikTok | TikTok l Moetblindcat

In numerous videos, Shotter has to remind the world that Moet is totally loved for and cared for, no matter how often she gets stuck. She always knows how to get herself down, she's much more "clever" than anyone would think—even without her sight!

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