In A True '90s Nostalgia Move, Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Is Dating Tony Hawk’s Son

Jordan Claes
Frances Bean Cobain opposite Riley Hawk
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The '90s saw a rebirth of the counter-culture movement. It was a decade defined by rebellion, an era of raging against the machine, and questioning the status quo.

In terms of music and sport, no two people were more iconic than Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Now, more than 30 years later, their children have just dropped a nostalgia bomb — confirming that they're dating one another.

Throughout the '90s, and even up until this very day, no band has been more influential than Nirvana.

girl in Nirvana hoodie

In their heyday, Nirvana was at the absolute forefront of the Grunge movement in Seattle, and the world at large. The supergroup was disbanded on April 5th, 1994, in the wake of the tragic suicide of guitarist/lead-singer, Kurt Cobain.

During that marvelous decade, the most popular athlete wasn't an MMA fighter, basketball player, or football star.

Tony Hawk on a skateboard
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Far and away, the most popular athlete of the '90s was a skateboarder by the name of Tony Hawk. On top of being the greatest skater to ever live, Hawk is credited as the first person to land a 900 (three full rotations) on a vert ramp. He also holds the world-record "Best-selling action sports game."

Before Kurt Cobain took his own life, he and his wife, Courtney Love, welcomed their first and only daughter into the world.

Kurt Cobain
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Frances Bean Cobain was born on August 18th, 1992. She's been a model, an artist, as well as a musician. Back in 2010, Frances inherited 37% of her father's $450 million dollar empire, and now controls the rights to Kurt's name and image.

Tony Hawk's son, Riley Hawk, was also born in 1992 — just a few months after Frances.

Tony and Riley Hawk
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Riley is also a skateboarder, just like his father, specializing in street style as opposed to vert. On his 21st birthday, he was named Skateboarder Magazine's "Amateur of the Year" and subsequently turned pro that same day.

I make mention of all this because for (at least) the past two months — Frances and Riley have been dating!

Frances Bean Cobain selfie
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Frances made their relationship "Instagram official" back in January of 2022, after returning from a year-long social media hiatus. "I took a year long[sic] break from posting on Instagram which was exceptionally good for my mental, emotional & spiritual health," she began.

"2021 brought me more into the present moment than I’ve ever been, which I’m deeply grateful for," Frances proclaimed.

Rue crying in 'Euphoria'
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Frances continued, stating her desire to highlight some of her favorite moments of the past year that helped her to gain this newfound sense of clarity and self-worth.

Included in the lengthy photo collage are two pictures of Riley.

Riley Hawk holding Frances Bean Cobain's dog
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The first is an adorable photo of Riley posing with Frances' dog, on what appears to be Christmas morning. As you can see, Riley is the spitting image of his father at that age.

The second is a much cozier snapshot of Riley and Frances cuddling on a boat.

Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk, and Frances Bean Cobain on a boat
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Judging from the green sweater, adorned with fluorescent flowers, it would appear that Frances has inherited her father's fashion sense.

Riley's father, the great Tony Hawk, is also pictured alongside his wife, Cathy Goodman.

Riley also recently shared an Instagram story of him teaching Frances to skate.

Frances Bean Cobain riding a skateboard
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Riley might be a man of few words but his emojis say it all. Just like Frances' hands are screaming "Get me the hell off this thing!"

As to how long the couple has been together, that remains to be seen.

Riley Hawk sitting in front of painting
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However, judging from the fact that Riley and Frances spent last Christmas together, and that Frances hasn't just met Riley's father but has vacationed with him as well — it would appear that this isn't a new relationship by any means.

Could these two progenies of two of the biggest counter culture icons be destined for true love?

Frances Bean Cobain at music frestival
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Only time will tell, as neither Riley nor Frances has made any further comment regarding their relationship. For now, the couple appears content to keep their love all to themselves, locked tightly away in a "Heart-shaped Box".