20 Unfortunate Situations People Never Thought They'd Find Themselves In

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Two dogs looking up at the mangled remains of a spoon.
reddit | calvininthewagon

Nobody can predict the future, but it's still true that we rarely ever imagine unfortunate things will happen to us. They happen to everyone, of course, but most people try not to think about it too much.

That's why when they do happen, they really take us by surprise! Like the people in this list who found themselves in some situations they never thought they would.

"My school is currently on fire."

Students watching their school on fire in the distance.
reddit | Ocelotstar09

The face of the kid nearest to the camera says it all. He knows he won't be having class for a while and is quite frankly fine that the building had to be sacrificed for that to happen.

"Totally got my face stuck in the cutout."

A man with his face in a painted cutout of a warrior woman.
reddit | renfester

This brief moment of joy, so silly and free, but little did this man know what would happen in the moments afterward. There's been no word of him since. For all we know, he's still in that cutout.

"Had a few hours to spare. Thought I’d pamper myself a bit and try out my new pore suction before I [was] to head out to an important interview…"

A girl taking a mirror selfie showing thing lines of bruising all around her  face.
reddit | Beautiful_Facade

Life lesson learned, and one that we can all do with remembering, don't try and new fancy treatments until after the important in-person event. This goes for face and hair.

"Our dog decided to use our fiber internet connection as a chew toy today."

An outdoor fiber internet cable chewed out of the box.
reddit | HolyGhost_AfterDark

If there's something to be said about dogs, their sheer determination is admirable! If they latch onto anything, you can bet they won't stop gnawing at it until it's split right in two.

Safe and sound.

A car with visible damage just before the back wheel.
reddit | MikeMartinho

"The valet driver for the hotel I stayed at with my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day decided to take my car for a joy ride. After tipping him he specifically said, 'don’t worry, I got your baby.' Then he proceed to run my car up a curb later that day."

"Accidentally melted my backpack straps 12 hours before my flight."

A backpack with the straps broken.
reddit | jojo9092

I know you have bigger issues to worry about at the moment, but how did you manage to melt your backpack straps? Is that even possible without aiming a blowtorch right at them?

"The Woods I played in as a child."

A cutdown patch of now-barren land.
reddit | PLC55

This is one reason why I'm far too afraid to ever visit my hometown again for nostalgia purposes. Unless it's remained perfectly untouched, which I know it hasn't, it's just going to leave me feeling weird.

"My soda exploded in subzero temps with enough force to blast out of the box."

A porch with a frozen, busted open can of Fresca by the step.
reddit | Mofomania

Thank goodness no one was standing there, that would have been a rather damaging projectile! What a story though, the stray rebel Fresca can that broke your knee.

"My beer was double canned."

A beer can with the tab peeled open, showing another beer can inside.
reddit | Kdean509

Now imagine if that Fresca can from the last photo was double-layered like this. With that extra armor, it probably could have busted right through the door.

"As you can see I'm bad at sewing. So bad in fact that I just sewed my jacket onto a pillow."

A patch being sewn into a jacket that's also been sewn into the pillow beneath.
reddit | muststayawaketonod

Hey, hand sewing can be hard, especially hand sewing onto denim! That pillow could be useful, though, it might protect you from any stray Fresca cans launching out of their boxes.

Okay, I'm done referencing it now, I promise.

"My sympathies for the person who dropped this at a tram station."

A full KFC bucket meal dropped on the ground.
reddit | FireEjaculator

What is there to even do after this? If you take a photo and walk back to the KFC in tears, do you think they'd replace it for you? Or does that depend on how sympathetic the manager is that day.

"I just wanted to do homework."

A table that's buckling in the center.
reddit | doge260

Take this picture right to your teacher. Couldn't do your homework, table was broken, and was too distressed about your table being broken to try and do it at a desk. A shame, really.

"5 feet beneath my concrete floor, the sewer pipes look like this."

A pipe section that's severely rusted through.
reddit | VisualAd9299

I have a hunch that's not what they're supposed to look like. Normally pipes create a full cylinder, but this one has a strip missing from it... you should confirm that with someone.

"Wife grabbed the wrong cup."

A tip cup from Subway.
reddit | realfakeDr

I can only picture the stunned faces of the Subway employees who watched her grab that and walk out with it so confidently, stunned into silence. There goes their shared $1.43.

"Thought I would bake some Valentine's muffins for my husband today."

A tray of very burnt muffins.
reddit | patrichia

I'm going to go ahead and assume this was an accident and wasn't a passive-aggressive message to him about the state of your marriage. If it is the latter, though, this was a good way of doing it.

"Heard a loud crash downstairs."

A potted plant that's fallen and smashed on the ground, with a cat sniffing the remains.
reddit | hotsteamingpho

Of course, the cat, in true cat fashion, is completely unbothered by the whole ordeal and is actually eyeing up that patch of dirt as a new litter box. You might want to clean it up quickly.

"Said they could lick the pot. Forgot about the spoon. That was my FAVORITE spoon. Can you guess which dog did it?"

Two dogs looking up at the mangled remains of a spoon.
reddit | calvininthewagon

The dog on the right looks a little scrappier, but the one on the left is so pleased with itself. It has a very confident smile on while the right is taking this very seriously. That should provide some hints.

Oh, Megan!

A mug that says, "Oh, Megan, you beautiful tropical fish."
reddit | 1horseshy

"Waited 2 years to have Galentine’s with my friend, dragged her present from house to house until I could give it to her. Opened it up this morning before she came over. Her name is Susan."

"Ordered Chicken Tortilla Soup from El Pollo Loco. Didn't get any tortilla and didn't get a spoon either."

A bowl of tortilla soup with no tortilla and no spoon.
reddit | ceti_alpha_v

How does a restaurant mess up not only the main advertised ingredient of their soup, but also the method with which to eat that soup! At least the bowl is cup-shaped enough that you could just say bottoms up and drink it down.

"Snowed in."

A van stuck in the corner of a rooftop parking garage surrounded by plowed snow.
reddit | RagnaTheRed

Clearly, this person hasn't been by to get their car in a while, so when they get back, they should expect a mess like this. If anything, the snow drifts will protect their car from vandals and thieves!